OK, so how many times have you driven by some restaurant or bar and thought to yourself “that place looks really cool, we should totally go there sometime!”? Fast forward like a month later, and you drive past that same place and think the same thing again … but then keep right on driving to the place you’ve gotten used to going to instead?

Yeah, we got tired of doing that.

My husband and I had just bought a house in a new area, and about 6 months after the move already found ourselves to be regulars at one bar we stumbled on because they advertised a pre-dawn opening for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t judge. Anyway, we made a pact that every week we would try someplace new. But who wants to do that on Fridays or Saturdays, when places are crowded and other stuff can get in the way? We decided to make Wednesday the new Friday. Because, like the blog tagline says, who doesn’t love midweek adventures when we all have to work in the morning?

So here we are. You’re going to see a lot of us over the course of this goofy blog, so you may as well get to know us.


That’s me in the middle of the photo, my husband Shane on the right and my sister-in-law Amanda on the left. This photo was taken on the evening Where To Go Wednesdays was conceived, at the place all brilliant ideas begin: $1.00 beer night of a minor league baseball game. I personally think that just makes the whole thing extra awesome.

So here’s the deal, each of us takes turns picking the place to go each week. There are four stipulations:

  1. It has to have alcohol (duh)
  2. It has to have food (because we do work all day and that also means we can enjoy more of #1)
  3. We haven’t been there before
  4. It has to be fun.

We’ve missed the mark on that last one a few times since this all started, but we’ll get to that later.

Along the way we also picked up this guy – my friend Ted.


Ted and I didn’t actually know each other in high school, since we graduated about 6 years apart, but we knew a lot of the same people and became friends in the post-high school days of our mutual hometown. Ted has lived in this area for about a third of his life, so he sometimes gets exempted from rule #3 – but it just it definitely ups the challenge factor if we can find someplace he’s never set foot in.

We may have other special guests joining us from time to time, but the four of us are the weekly alcoholics staples. We’ll visit anywhere from dive bars to classy establishments, and let you in on our experiences along the way.

So why a blog? Basically, we got tired of everyone asking where the next stop was. I was taking pics of our adventures and posting them to my Facebook page; however, “friending” all of our collective friends and co-workers just so they could see the fun seemed like a true recipe for disaster. Chalk this up as yet another idea born over drinks on a Wednesday night. Tell me again how we all aren’t millionaires yet?