Where To Go Wednesdays

Because who doesn't love midweek adventures when we all have to work in the morning?


Home base may be Cuyahoga Falls, but we’ve been known to drive 30, 45 or even sometimes 60 minutes each way just to check out new places.

OK, we’ll be honest, those 60 minute drives are usually either driver error or one of us trying to convince the rest of the group that “Waze SAYS it’s 55 minutes away, but I’m SURE it won’t take that long to get there … ” And of course it does.

In any case, we’ve canvassed a lot of ground in Summit, Stark, Portage and Medina counties, with a few branches into southern Cuyahoga County. Check out the drop down menu and pick a city you’re interested in to see if we’ve been there!

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