If ever there was a place that underscored the premise of Where To Go Wednesdays, it’s Muskateers Bar in Richfield. It’s one of those places everyone seems to know and totally rave about … but then you drive past it and have to do a double take because you’re certain that the unassuming building with no windows positioned next to the skeevy looking must-be-pay-by-the-hour-with-sheets-on-the-windows-as-curtains motel cannot possibly dish up the best burgers and wings in the area.

Does that say Bates Motel? No?
Does that say Bates Motel? No?
Do you use the "good" sheets on the bed or the windows? I'm confused ...
Do you use the “good” sheets on the bed or the windows? I’m confused …

Not that I’m judging, because we totally did that exact same thing. And I’ll admit my image of the place kind of seemed confirmed when, after parking my car, I then spent the next 15 minutes completely entranced with watching a guy mosey over four different times to the dumpster located about 10 steps outside his motel room (did he ask for the end room for that reason? is it more expensive for the “dumpster view?”), each time reaching in and selecting a black, seemingly-not-empty back pack, and carrying it off into his motel room like a bag of groceries. Um, what now? It was like watching my own live episode of CSI. I was just hoping I wasn’t the poor person who gets killed off before the opening song.

But anyway, believe me when I say that even if live-action dumpster diving documentaries don’t intrigue you, if you skip Muskateers just because of what’s next door then YOU’RE. MISSING. OUT. Seriously.

Because, after 4 months of never visiting the same place twice, Muskateers just managed to elevate itself into the coveted position of “place we would gladly visit every single evening.” I wonder how much those rooms next door really rent for?

First of all, the service was fabulous. We sat at a table in the bar area, which meant that the lone bartender was also our server. Sometimes this can be a recipe for disaster, but the young man working that evening as spot on. Not only was he able to rattle off the impressive tap list, he was able to remember our drink and food orders correctly without writing them down, came back often and at the right moments to get our refills, and was pleasant and smiling the whole time. Two thumbs up.

And then the food. Fan-freaking-tastic. Just take a look.

Those are wings underneath all that cheese. Say what?
Those are wings underneath all that cheese. Say what?
A table of appetizers. It's like heaven
A table of appetizers. It’s like heaven

I think we ordered enough food to feed the entire bar – and that was just appetizers. How long can we do this before we all weigh 350 pounds each? Not to mention there was a random pizza sitting out on a table near the bar – which, when we asked our friendly bartender, he said that they put out a couple of pizzas at happy hour, and it’s kind of a free for all until they’re gone. Huh. We didn’t try any of it – because, seriously, have you seen the amount of food we ordered – but it’s nice to know if you get the happy hour munchies and don’t want a full meal, there are options. 

Rueben. Delicious.
Rueben. Delicious.
Ted's expression speaks for itself
Ted’s expression speaks for itself
While Shane enjoyed the food, the decor was more his style
While Shane enjoyed the food, the decor was more his style

We fully intend to come back to this place on another night of the week – or on Browns away game Sundays – to make sure we have the same glowing experience. Hell, we may even become regulars – in which case we’ll have to start a new category on this blog just for all of our evenings there. Muskateers Mondays? It’s got a nice ring to it.

Although if we befriend the dumpster guy from next door and end up getting invited to his holiday party in his motel room please check back here the next week to make sure we make it back for another adventure … 

Picked by: Shane
Drink selection:
 Impressive. Seriously.
Food: See above.
Service: See above.
Overall: I might not be kidding about that whole living in the motel next door thing. We’ll definitely be back.

Next pick – Steph

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