OK, it needs to be said: we need to start picking places not located in strip plazas.

I feel better now. Carry on.

WTGW1211 3.jpegSo maybe it was just because I fought Lake Effect Snowstorm 2013 to get out of downtown and meet up with the rest of the group – and therefore was just glad to no longer be in my car staring at falling snow and brake lights and instead in a place where someone serves me alcohol – but despite its location in said plaza, I actually kind of liked this little place. This was my pick, and I can’t for the life of me remember where I heard about it, but once I realized where it was I realized I had driven past it about 2,547 times without ever seeing it there. And here we’ve come full circle as to why we started this whole adventure.

David B’s is small inside – again, it’s in a strip plaza, so, you know, you get the same amount of space as the dry cleaner’s or Cold Stone, do with it what you will. They could probably fit a few more tables in the place if they took out the giant pool table which took up the entire front section of the bar; however, that table always seemed to be busy so even though they call themselves a sports bar maybe I was missing the main point of this place. Although is billiards really a sport?

I digress.

WTGW1211 6.jpeg
Giant burger. Deliciousness.
WTGW1211 1
Philly and fries. Yum.

The other thing that’s small about David B’s: prices. Yeah, that’s what we like to see. Most of the sandwiches and burgers were under the $7 or $8 mark – now granted that didn’t include fries or any sort of side, but honestly with the size of the sandwiches you really didn’t need that. Although, since I didn’t know that and ordered a basket of fries with my sandwich, I will say I highly recommend them. Provided you like fair fries, because that’s what these reminded us of. And if you don’t like fair fries … well … I can’t help you with life in general.

Shane didn’t really care for the food. He ordered a gyro and wings, and just said they didn’t have much taste to them. He was the only unhappy one at the table, though, because the rest of us gave the food a thumbs up. Maybe he was just having an off day.

WTGW1211 4
Does he look angry? Or just hungry?
Ted was his usual goofy self
Ted was his usual goofy self

The thing Shane did like about this place, though, was the people watching. It was definitely an interesting crowd for a Wednesday night, between the pool players, a table of two girls next to us having very animated conversations during an obvious girl’s night out, guys watching sports, and a couple who appeared to be on a very alcohol fueled date. Good times. Apparently David B’s second (and I think original) location is in downtown Barberton, and is actually a country bar with live music on Wednesdays. So I’m sure the people watching there is even more spectacular, although – as is my conundrum with most things related to country music – I’m not sure that will be enough to outweigh the fact that you have to listen to said music in order to enjoy said people watching entertainment. #firstworldproblems.

Unlike other establishments that seem to only run happy hour pricing when the rest of the world is working (3-6 PM? Seriously? That’s called day drinking binges, people. And not that I’m saying those aren’t fantastic, I guess I’m just more jealous that i don’t get to partake in them that often. Because, you know, I have a job that goes until 5:30. Without which I probably wouldn’t be able to fund said binges. Full circle.), David B’s actually keeps it’s happy hour going well into the evening.  We think it may have ended around 7. Or 7:30.We’re a little fuzzy just because, well, the Miller Lites were $2 and we of course had several of them. In any case, we appreciated that whatever time it happened to be that happy hour was ending, the nice waitress came over and asked us if we wanted another round set aside on ice before the pricing ran out. Smart girl.

Since we’re already two Wednesdays into a new month, we realized it was time to pick another favorite out of the basket for December’s installment of Flashback Fridays. So, by popular demand (meaning all four of us put the name into the basket, so how coule we possibly veto that one) we’ll be hitting up Muskateer’s on Friday, December 26th. Which nicely makes up for us not having a WTGW location that week or the week after thanks to the holidays. This place was one that we always go back to as being the best find out there of all of the WTGW picks so far – so hopefully we won’t be disappointed. Fingers crossed.


Picked by: Steph
Drink options:  Small beer selection (both tap and bottle), but good pricing during happy hour.
Food:  Typical bar food, but you get large portions for little money.
Service: Good. Seemed to be a lot of people on staff for the size of the place, and our waitress definitely earned props for letting us know happy hour was ending and keeping our next round cold.
Overall: Not bad. I could see us going back. I’m interested in the weekend crowd, especially for the size of the place.

Next Pick: Amanda

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