So this week we … well … we ate Mexican food. That’s really about all I can say to sum up the experience of this week’s Where To Go Wednesday adventure at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls.

And that’s not to say that the place was bad – just the opposite, actually, as we all seemed to agree that this was probably some of the best Mexican food we’ve had so far in this area. The portions were good, service was decent (we even scored a second basket of chips because too many servers tried to wait on us at once), the margaritas were delicious and gigantic … really, what more can you ask of a Mexican place?

But in all honesty, there’s just not much else to tell about our evening. There were no big surprises on the menu, no mishaps with our orders, nothing particular to rave about or complain about, no shenanigans to speak of.

We didn’t even take any pictures. For shame!

Maybe we were all just having an off night. Or maybe, as with any time we eat Mexican food, we were just stuffed beyond obliteration halfway through our meals and ready for naps. I think this night may have actually gone down in the record books as the earliest arrival home of any WTGW evening – primarily because once we were finished eating there was no way any of us could even think about trying to fit another morsel or liquid into our systems. The only “adventure” on this evening was ensuring we all stayed awake long enough to pay our checks and get home. Crazy, I know.


Picked by: Shane
Drink options:  We all tried a different flavored margarita – and the mango was voted the best by the group. I would hope as they’re open longer they will start offering better some drink specials.
Food:  Typical Mexican combos and a la carte items. Good portions, and they definitely kept the chips and salsa coming.
Service: Good. Never noticed a wait for a table, and they didn’t kick us out as we were sitting chatting and killing the time before we deemed it acceptable to end the evening without seeming like old people.
Overall: Good, just unimpressionable. As mentioned, I would be interested to try the place again in the warmer weather when we can utilize the patio.

Next Pick: Steph