So basically this week Shane got kind of an easy pass – I mean, how can you screw up following the absolute worst place we’ve ever visited? He could’ve taken us to an Arby’s … or even a former Arby’s transformed into a bar, complete with a stack of booster seats in the corner … and we would’ve been far happier than we were last week.

P.S. – we’ve actually been to the booster seat bar. Seriously.

In other words, I’m hoping it wasn’t just the leftover taste of tartar toast in our mouths from last week that made us think Sammie’s Bar & Grille was more toward the top of our favorites list than the bottom.

If anything, maybe it was the $1.00 beers.

Yeah, you read that right. In another “do they know we come out on Wednesdays and make these specials just for us” moment, we thought we were in our own form of alcoholic heaven when we read that on the specials board. We even asked the server, just to be certain that $1.00 truly was the price for bottled beers, and it wasn’t “take $1.00 OFF.” Because that would be a mean trick when the bill came at the end of the night.

And, yes, it was true – Sammie’s has $1.00 bottled domestic beers on Wednesday nights. If you take away nothing else from this post, at least remember that. I know we will.

Best way to spend $1.00
Best way to spend $1.00

(Although, sidenote, we kind of had to question the limitations on “domestic” beer. How can that list include Labatt – which is brewed in Canada – but not Yuelingling, which is brewed one state away in PA? Interesting.)


Sammie’s is a relatively new restaurant, in a building that has seen various name and food changes over the years. Amanda said she thought it was last a Mexican restaurant, which I have to admit I could still kind of make out the decor from. We sat in the bar area (on some of the tallest chairs I’ve ever seen – maybe not the best plan on $1 beer night) and the atmosphere was great. It was quiet enough that the four of us could have conversations easily, but yet not so quiet that when we got to our embarrassing topics (because you know that’s how we roll) we had to feel like we were on display to the rest of the establishment.

Shane ordered the pretzel sticks as an appetizer – because you know he gravitates to those on any menu – and they were delicious. There were five in the order and they were huge (that’s what she said – ba dum bum). Although we agreed that there needed to be some other sort of dipping sauce than just the melted Velveeta with some chives in it.

Although looking over the menu it seems that Velveeta is a staple on many of the dishes – I feel like this is some sort of inside joke with the owners that we aren’t privy to. Hmmm.

Because there’s apparently no fun in variety, both Shane and Ted got twelve of the Sammie’s Sweet Pepper Supreme wings. And they both agreed that the wings could use a bit more flavor. Maybe Velveeta would’ve helped that one. No, honestly they said that just judging on the name, they expected the wings to be spicier, and were somewhat disappointed about that. So the moral of the story there is don’t judge based on name alone. Or ask the waitress first. Something like that.

The boys also decided to order a whole second meal for themselves – because, well, they’re boys, and I guess want to tempt death by heart attack at a young age. Whatever. So Ted got the Pizza Supreme burger, and Shane ordered the Quarter Pound Hot Dog. I guess since the beer was so cheap, we can’t just have a bill less than $50 for two people. Good call, honey. In any case, I think they both enjoyed these more than the wings, so I guess it was worth it. Even though it seemed the amount of grease that dripped off Ted’s burger was sufficient enough to actual fry his wings in – but, hey, that’s where the flavor is, right?

There's a hot dog under all that
There’s a hot dog under all that
Because double fisting the food wasn't good enough
Because double fisting the food wasn’t good enough

On the opposite end of the eating spectrum, Amanda ordered the Build Your Own Burger, and while she said it was delicious, she couldn’t finish all of it. And she even had the smaller of the two options – the 9oz. They also offer a 12oz size … but hey, come on, we’re not trying to be champions here. Well, at least us girls aren’t.

Giant burger on a pretzel bun
Giant burger on a pretzel bun

I had six of the garlic parmesean wings (which also could’ve used more flavor, just like the boys’ wings) and a side order of the “small potatoes,” which are mini potatoes baked in olive oil, rosemary and sea salt. That was a nice alternative to French fries, and much appreciated for those of us who have to wear a bathing suit in public in just a few short months.

Wings in a newspaper.
Wings in a newspaper. Fancy.

By far one of the best things about our visit – other than the $1 beers, but that’s just implied – was our server. She was fantastic, despite it being a pretty busy dinner crowd and what seemed to be only her and one other person manning the entire floor. Her attitude was great, she joked around despite being I’m sure just ready to sit for five minutes, and we never felt rushed. She reminded us of the 9PM cutoff for the $1 beers in case we wanted to get another round in – which I’m sure she already knew the answer to just based on how we’d been pacing throughout the hours leading up to that time (smart girl). She also didn’t blink an eye when we saw that she was a bit overwhelmed and just doubled up our doubled up our rounds instead of having to wait for her to bring more. Thanks for not wagging a finger at our blatant alcoholism, Ms. Server – you’re awesome.

The one deterrent I can see to Sammie’s is that despite the hours on the door saying they’re open well past midnight, we were literally the last people in the place … at 9:30 PM. And it looked like the staff was cleaning up to go home as soon as the door closed behind us. Like not only the wiping down the bar and shutting down the dining room side of the place kind of cleaning … but also the busy work kind of cleaning that screams “we can’t send you home yet but there’s really absolutely nothing left for you to do.” I scared one teenage boy out of the women’s restroom who was on a ladder cleaning lightbulbs. Because that’s essential? Come on, I don’t even do that in my own house before company comes over.

(Which, sidenote on the restrooms, you have to go in there and look at the ratio of the door sizes to a normal human being. It’s like Alice in Wonderland up in that place. For real. And I know you’re intrigued now.)

In any case, not sure how the weekend crowd is, but just be forewarned that it definitely dies out after the dinner rush during the week. Or at least after the $1 beer special ends.

It's dark and we're the last ones in the place. That's how we roll.
It’s dark and we’re the last ones in the place. That’s how we roll.
Peace out
Peace out


Picked by:  Shane
Drinks: If I haven’t driven home the point about $1 beers yet, then you obviously didn’t read this post. 
Good portions, just could use a bit more flavor on everything overall. And seriously, what is it with the Velveeta?
Service: Excellent. Even the guy I scared out of the ladies restroom was at least pleasant about it.
Overall: Oh, I’m sure we’ll be back. Especially on Wednesdays. Do I not sound like enough of an alcoholic yet, or what?

Next Pick: Steph