WTGW 5/21/14: Treichel’s Grille, Cuyahoga Falls


Well, hello there! Did you miss us?

After a 2 week hiatus – due to a busy week/weekend out to celebrate the NFL Draft (otherwise known as “Christmas” to my husband) immediately followed by my week-long work trip to NYC – we’re back! I know, I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

This was Shane’s pick, and you’d think it would be someplace really great being that be had an extra two weeks to think about it. However, every time we asked what places he was contemplating all he gave us was a vague answer like “we’ll see” or “just wait, it’s a surprise!” … which I recall enough from my childhood to know both of those are really just creative ways of saying “I have absolutely no idea and I don’t want to deal with you right now.”

So when I arrived home from work Wednesday evening I still had no idea where we were headed. And then even after Shane said the name, I still didn’t know. I’m not sure where he heard of Treichel’s Grille, but I certainly hadn’t seen the name or been past the location before. Apparently it used to be a Rockne’s at one time, and just recently reopened as Treichel’s – which previously was located in Aurora. It’s six degrees of restaurant musical chairs.

I’m not sure when the official grand opening was, but I’m guessing recently. Like as we were driving up we weren’t sure it was even open because we couldn’t see the signage and there were very few cars in the parking lot. Apparently in some small towns word doesn’t spread as quick as you’d like in some ways.

However, we used this to our advantage, as we had excellent service during our visit. We walked into the restaurant side and started to take a seat there, until we noticed the bar side and thought that to be more our scene (insert joke about being alcoholics here). Over the course of the time we were there we saw about two other tables turn over, so definitely not a huge crowd by any means – although the place is very small on the inside so I will admit it was nice not to fend off a crowd. Our server – who also doubled as the bartender – was excellent. Very attentive, and I like to think that even if the place had been slammed she would still have taken good care of us.

Treichel’s immediately scored points with Amanda and I for having Summer Shandy on draft. Yes, we’re that easy to please. Throwing all rules of “always being the different one” aside, Ted decided to go out on a limb and try a Summer Shandy – although Shane picked up his challenge and went with an Angry Orchard, so we were still at our usual 3:1 ratio on drinks.  And then Ted went and changed it all up by ordering a Vanilla Porter for his second drink, since the Summer Shandy was too citrus-y for his tastes. I’m not sure how that transition makes sense, but, hey, more Summer Shandy for me and Amanda then. Score.

The 3:1 ratio remains in effect

The 3:1 ratio remains in effect

Anyway, in sticking with the “one of these things is not like the other” rule, Amanda, Shane and Ted all got burgers, and I had the Philly steak. My sandwich was dry, and eventually I only ate the meat out of it and left the bread to the side. Even then, it wasn’t something I would order again. Treichel’s also features a car/motorcycle theme, so all of the burgers on the menu are named for cars.  I say that only so you aren’t confused when I mention that Amanda had the Twin Turbo Cobra (basically a mushroom swiss burger – her usual), Ted had the 63 Split (without cheese of course) and Shane – always the show off – ordered the Bobs Fatboy (basically two burgers in one). Shane and Amanda both said as we were leaving that the burgers could’ve used more flavor.

Looks like bar food.

Looks like bar food.

I love that Ted holds his plates up for me Vanna White style

I love that Ted holds his plates up for me Vanna White style

We also ordered the appetizer specials, which were the mac’n’cheese bites and also fried mushrooms. Those were probably the most enjoyable items on our table, even if we did lose a layer of skin by hungrily reaching for the mac’n’cheese bites as soon as they hit the table.

While we really, really wanted to like this place – since the atmosphere was very cool,the staff was excellent, and we definitely liked the space itself – the “eh” food will probably greatly influence our decision to put Treichel’s in the “Flashback Friday” revisit basket (which, side note, when the hell was the last time we did one of those anyway? We’re slacking.) I might be willing to give them another chance after they’re open for a few months, just to see if anything has improved or if new items were added. They also had tons of different drink specials and specialty drinks (like $5 martinis on Mondays, with a fairly impressive looking  flavor list  – and also different flavored sangrias, etc), so that’s an intriguing reason to stop back, especially once Summer Shandy season is over. It’s just too bad they don’t have a patio, or I could definitely see this being a summer drinks-only destination.

Wall 'o' Drink Specials

Wall ‘o’ Drink Specials

For this week’s “fun thing to pose with” photo, we had a bit of a debate as to what to choose, since the decor was interesting and lent itself to a few different options. Ted voted for the motorcycle under one of the tables, but was a bit disheartened when he realized it was encased in glass. So we ended up with a pay phone. And, no, Shane isn’t exceptionally tiny – it’s just placed perfectly on the wall for every seven foot tall person who might stumble into the place.

Hello, 1987? Are you there?

Hello, 1987? Are you there?

Someone get the man a stepstool

Someone get the man a stepstool


Picked by:  Shane
Drinks: As always, you can win over me and Amanda with the words “summer shandy.” We’ve been on a streak lately. Lots of other drink specials looked intriguing as well. 
Eh. Bar food without much flavor. My sandwich was dry and the burgers didn’t have much taste.
Service: Awesome. Granted we were only one of a small handful of tables for the whole night, but we definitely had the server’s attention.
Overall: It’s too bad the food wasn’t better, or that the place didn’t have a patio – because either of those things probably would get us back in the door. The atmosphere was great, and we would go back just for drinks … except that once summer hits we want to be outside, not in a place with few windows.

Next Pick: Steph

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