Our WTGW crew was a man down this week, as Ted was off in the Big Apple for work. Nevertheless, Shane, Amanda and I were still up for the challenge. Full disclosure, Legends lured us in with the pictures of the patio on their website. Because, as we’ve mentioned already, a good patio is high on the list of WTGW priorities this time of year. And this one looked looked particularly enticing, with an abundance of tables, fake palm trees, an outdoor bar and very tiki-bar-esque feel.

However, it looks like we’ll have to come back another time to visit this mystical land of patio awesomeness. Because, unfortunately for us, Wednesday evening was a complete downpour. Yay summer!

(By the way, if any of you questioned my name calling of Mother Nature in the last post, I think you’re getting the idea why I feel that way.)

In any case, we were already there, so we figured we may as well see if the food and drinks were worth making the trip back just to enjoy again in an outdoor setting. The verdict? Maybe.


Let’s start off with the pros:

Legend’s is a sports bar, so their beer list was pretty decent. They had Summer Shandy, so you know Amanda and I were happy. Shane went with the Wednesday $2.99 Long Island special – but only had one since he said it was a little too sweet for his tastes. He then switched to Miller Lite instead. Which I’m sure tasted exactly as it was supposed to.

I'm a little confused on the marketing genius at work here.
I’m a little confused on the marketing genius at work here.

We ordered pretzel bites as an appetizer. Maybe it was just because they were so good we didn’t want to see them end, but it seemed like you didn’t really get a lot of them in the order. Bummer. For our meals, Amanda has the French Dip and I had the Italian Hoagie, both of which were tasty. They were also huge, so we both ended up taking half our sandwiches home with us. Not such a bad deal. I particularly liked the bread my sandwich was served on – I’m fairly certain they don’t bake it fresh there (I mean, it’s not Subway after all. Ha), but it tasted like they did.

There's a salad under all that cheese in the background.
There’s a salad under all that cheese in the background.
Is that ketchup to go?
Is that ketchup to go?

Shane ordered 10 wings, split into five each of the Spicy Bleu Cheese and the Buttery Garlic. Amanda and I were in awe that the guy who usually orders two full meals at these types of places actually expected to be full after 10 wings … but then we discovered it was really  just strategy on his part to basically taste test the two flavors and decide which one he wanted more of. Because asking for a sample is apparently too complicated, but whatevs.

There are wings under that sauce. But no spice.
There are wings under that sauce. But no spice.

In any case, the Buttery Garlic won hands down, and he ordered another 10 just of those. His main complaint about the Spicy Bleu Cheese ones was that while he could clearly pick out the bleu cheese flavor, they seemed to forget the “spice” that makes up the rest of the name. Kind of an important detail. Now I tried one of his Buttery Garlic wings and they didn’t seem to have much taste to me – but Shane thought they were the bomb diggity, so take that as you will.

The servers at Legends are great. The place is one of those where no one seems to have complete ownership over any of the tables, and while one person in particular takes your initial order, other waitresses will refill your drinks if they see you’re low or ask if you need anything else, etc.

Now for the cons:

Let’s just say that this place didn’t have quite the crowd we were expecting for the area and the type of bar the photos seemed to promise online. Maybe it was due to the weather, but the crowd inside the bar that evening seemed more “can’t wait for the annual tractor pull” than “let’s go hang out at the tiki bar.” We were easily some of the youngest people in the bar (other than the servers of course), and we were definitely on the opposite end of the redneck scale, if you know what I mean. Among our favorites in the people watching fun for the evening was the guy with a mullet who also believed that nothing says classy like sporting a Spiderman leather coat, and the long haired, tie-dyed t-shirt wearing guy who we were fairly certain wasn’t aware that his (male) co-worker didn’t share his opinion on “going out for drinks after work” being classified as a date.

Deep thoughts by Legends Bar ...
Deep thoughts by Legends Bar …

I think the concensus was that we need to come back on a weekend evening, when the weather is good, and see if not only this magical patio oasis exists, but also if the crowd is different beyond those open doors. Not that we don’t enjoy some good people watching, but this was a little much for even our tastes. We really, really wanted to like this place – and the food was good, they had decent drink specials, etc – but at least on this visit anyway the atmosphere was more than a little blah.

I think he's in pain
I think he’s in pain
Look less at pirate eye, and more at the mullet guy eating a burger in the background
Look less at pirate eye, and more at the mullet guy eating a burger in the background
I seriously don't know what's wrong with him,
I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with him,


Picked by:  Amanda
Drinks: Decent list of regular and craft beers, as well as other drinks. Shane was not a fan of the long islands that were on special, though.
Keeping in mind this was a sports bar, the menu was pretty diverse. Other than the ommission of the spice on the spicy bleu cheese wings, we didn’t have any complaints.
Service: Excellent. More than once we had multiple inquieres about whether or not we needed refills or if the table could be cleared around us.
Overall: While the people watching was pretty good and the food decent, I think the prospect of this hidden fabulous patio is what will bring us back.

Next Pick: Ted