Well hey Honeymoon Grille, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve made it down to your area for some take out. We have to admit we *may* have been swayed by a photo of something delightful called a Creme de Menthe cake that we saw posted on Instagram as we were making our dinner choice for this evening.

… which unfortunately they were sold out of by the time we called an order in. So there’s that.

But still, you got us. And we learned our lesson to apparently call that order in around lunch if we want a slice or two set aside for us.

However, lest you think we were forced to actually go without dessert entirely this evening (the horror!), we were told that they still had a few slices of a Thin Mint cake left, as well as Hummingbird (which, if you’re like us and didn’t know how the name of a bird could translate into a dessert option, is a banana and pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting … you’re welcome), so the crisis was averted.

Because I know our receiving any sort of dessert with our meals tonight was the top of your list of concerns for today.


And I also know you know us well enough to think that we didn’t actually just eat cakes for dinner … well, OK, yeah, I guess I could admit that that statement really could go either way here. I mean, it may not have been documented on this site, but I do believe we could be swayed to just skip the meals and go straight for a dessert buffet. Or call a pie a meal option (fruit is good for you, right?). And pancakes topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips are really kind of a grey area here also.

Don’t judge. We’ve all been there.

But yes, we did actually get some real food for dinner tonight. I won’t go so far as to call it healthy, unless of course we’re just comparing it to cake.

Shane opted for the Lyon’s French Dip sandwich. The meal comes with chips, but he wanted fries – which were available for a small upcharge, of course.

I got the special of the day – seen in the same social media post as the amazing cake I’m still bitter about missing out in – which was an “Angry BLT,” named as such due to the jalapeno aioli spread and the jalapeno infused bacon that comes on it.

Yeah, well, turns out the jokes on me, because I was the angry one in realizing that this sandwich was really just a regular BLT with a tiny bit of spice added into it. It was more of a “slightly aggravated BLT” than an “angry BLT” if you ask me. I mean, sure, the aioli spread was good and you could tell the bacon had something different about it. But it wasn’t really enough of anything unique to earn the sandwich a special title. Well, except maybe “taco BLT.” Because who puts shredded lettuce on this kind of sandwich? This is what romaine was made for, people. Let it have it’s moment. Please.

Needless to day, I certainly had sandwich envy looking at Shane’s meal. To which he certainly helped matters by exclaiming over and over again just how amazing it was.

To add to my disappointment I thought my sandwich came with chips, and then I was adding on a small side salad. But they must’ve assumed I wanted the salad instead of the chips, because while there was a pickle (yay!), there were no chips.

I mean, truthfully I probably didn’t to be eating them what with all the other food we had … but next time let’s just let me be the master of my own gluttony, ‘k?

We also got an app of onion rings. Which probably would’ve tasted way better had they not had to travel 25 minutes home to be consumed. But you could tell that had they still been hot they would’ve been amazing.

But as you may have guessed just from my lead in to this post … the desserts were the real stars of this show tonight. Well OK, maybe Shane wouldn’t quite share my opinion on that statement, what with his amazing sandwich and fries that he kept reminding me I was correct to be drooling over, but for me I probably should’ve just skipped the caloric intake from my dinner and gone right to the whole “cake as a meal” concept.

I mean, come on now. How can you truly be disappointed with anything that beautiful?

Even if we couldn’t get the kind of cake that originally piqued our interest, we have yet to have had a bad dessert from Honeymoon Grille. And honestly, how is the Thin Mint cake really all *that* much different from a Creme de Menthe anyway?

Because we had never tried either of these before, we wanted to be fair judges – well, and also because both slices sounded delicious to both of us so we really just couldn’t make a decision about which one we each wanted and didn’t want to fistfight it out in the kitchen – #marriedlife – we cut the pieces in half so we could both sample each one.

This is heaven, people. Just give me this view every night.

Or not, because the laws of physics say that means I’d probably outgrow everything in my closet quite quickly. But still, in a perfect world that would be something I might wish for.

Both were excellent. If I was forced into picking a winner in this battles of dessert challenges, I would probably vote thin mint, if just because I’m a sucker for all things dually chocolate and mint. But it would be a tough decision. And there better be another slice of cake as a reward for declaring a winner. Just saying.