Sometimes you think you’re really hungry … and then sometimes you order food from Bug Eu’es BBQ, and you realize you may never know what hunger feels like ever again. Or at least not for the next 3-5 days anyway.

You all know by now that it’s not often that the hunger levels here are easily satiated. We’ve posted pictures of food portions large enough to plausibly feed a small army, only to be consumed by a tiny group. We’ve nearly had to pull additional tables to our side just to hold all of our meals. We’ve eaten full sheet pizzas in one sitting.

Re-reading that last paragraph I am once again astounded that we do not weigh as much as an elephant or suffer from some kind of debilitating heart condition. Good lord.

Back to tonight … let’s just say that even though this was one of those nights in which Shane might exclaim his famous adage about being hungry enough to consume one of his own appendages. That being said, we were no match for the amount of food we received from Big Eu’es.

I ordered the combo dinner with three meats, for which I chose the turkey, beef and brisket.

Just to be clear, you get to pick three out of a list of four. So the only one I didn’t pick was the BBQ pork. Sorry you didn’t make the team there Peppa Pig.

As if three kinds of meat wasn’t enough, you also get two sides, so I chose the Mac’n’Cheese and the fried corn.

Oh sure, and some bread, too. Why not. Let’s do cornbread.

BTW, the online app is seriously like a Choose Your Own Adventure game with all of these choices. The drop down lists just keep going. If you aren’t good at decision making, you might want to carve out a little chunk of extra time to place your order with this one.

Shane got the all beef hot dog. Which if you read the menu sounds like it should be just exactly that … but then flip over to the Land of 1,000 Options and surprise! – you can pick some toppings, too! So he added onion straws and cheddar cheese. Because, again, why not.

We’ll have to report back at another time what he thought of that option, because the OTHER FULL MEAL that he ordered – the 8 wing dinner with fries and Mac’n’cheese – was enough food for him for this evening.

Yes, I realize we didn’t heed our own warning about the portions sizes here. But if you’ve been with us for a while, you know that when Shane is hangry he often has eyes larger than his stomach. It happens.

That being said, you did read that correctly when I said that Shane was actually full. Seriously, even like three hours later he was still looking at anything food-related like he couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with it.

I mean, after he ate his pineapple upside down cake, of course. We all know you can’t leave a dessert hanging.

Which is why I couldn’t eat even half of my meal – I had to leave room for Kool-Aid pie. Which I fully admit I still don’t exactly know the ingredients of, but it was cherry flavored and bright pink and pretty tasty, so that earns it a place on the winning list.

Back to our meals, though … Shane thought the wings were pretty good, but he had chosen the ranch dry rub flavor, and said they could have used a little more dry rub (read: flavor) on them. Fortunately we got a few extra house BBQ sauces on the side, so that helped in the flavor department.

He also liked the Mac’n’Cheese, but REALLY liked the fries. They were just like fair fries. And guess what, you also got a ton of them. Shocker, I know.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t crazy about the brisket part of my tray ‘o’ meat – it was too smoky tasting for my liking – so making a mental note next time to kick that option off the team instead of the pork. But the other two meats were very, very good. I got the house BBQ and the mild wings sauces, which were both really tasty – although either of those meats could’ve truthfully been eaten without any sauce at all, they were that flavorful. The mild wing was pretty spicy so I’m glad I didn’t get the hot one.

Also, special shout out to the fried corn, which is absolutely delicious. It has peppers cooked into it so there’s a definite kick to the taste. Don’t pass it up. Seriously.

And just in case you don’t believe me when I say that you get a lot for your money here, let’s just check back in with a photo of my carryout container after I was finished eating for the evening:

If you think there’s not much difference between that photo and the first one I posted of the meal before I started eating … well, you’d be absolutely correct. Trying to eat more of it was like trying to finish one of those bottomless bowls.

So, yeah, Big Eu’es is by far a place to go if you’re super hungry and want to eat your weight’s worth of food. Or want 2-3 meals for the price of one. Or I guess really just want your money’s worth. Tonight’s total was $42 – after a 20% tip. And keep in mind we actually ordered three full meals, and two desserts.

Plus the whole experience was really positive. The online ordering function was super easy to use (after you came to terms with the fact that you would have to make about a week’s worth of decisions just for one meal option anyway) and pickup at the storefront was quick and safe. We’ll definitely be ordering again. I mean, we may not be hungry again until next week, so forgive us if you don’t see us SOON … but you get the idea.