Thanks for joining us on our continuing tour of places we haven’t been to in a hot minute. Pub Bricco in the Valley definitely qualifies.

Now, we’ve been to the Bricco in downtown Akron. And the one in Kent. But this location, well it’s been quite a while.

And the reason why can be summed up in one word: Pizza.

Because in our group, the name Bricco is synonymous with two things: delicious specialty pizzas, and delicious flavored martinis.

The martinis are still available at this location, albeit in a more reduced menu. But pizza? None to be found.

Honestly could be a good thing, because given the proximity of the Pub Bricco location to our house there’s a good chance we could become weekly regulars. Like WTGW and Pub Bricco Tuesday or something.

Especially since we noticed their Tuesday special is tacos and tequila. Which is definitely something we could get on board with indulging in weekly. So, I mean, Pub Bricco, if you’re reading this, we could still be open to a collaboration. Just saying.

Anyway, while we sort out those details, let’s get back to this visit.

For drinks I debated the pumpkin pie martini – because, well, fall and all things pumpkin – but went with the apple mule instead. Still fall, just without the pumpkin.

And look at this fancy glass.

I mean, it’s like a portrait.

Ted tried an IPA but said it had no flavor. Which means Shane may have actually liked it. He got the Pumpking instead.

Another fancy glass sighting

Shane stayed on his track of late, and got a Bud Light. That just comes in a regular glass, FYI.

It should be noted that that glass was also full when it arrived, but he was thirsty. Shocking, I know.

Ted started off with the spicy cauliflower bites.

If you’re wondering about the one bite on another plate, it’s because I scolded him for casually trying to eat his food while the server was taking our dinner order after she dropped these off. I mean, we have rules, Ted.

I could smell the hot sauce from across the table. Ted confirmed they were in fact pretty spicy. And given Ted’s scale of spiciness that probably means most of us wouldn’t be able to get through the whole plate without crying.

We got the pretzel bites.

You’ll notice the non-fancy glass in the background is getting even more empty

I liked them. They were very doughy and soft, with enough salt to make them flavorful but not so much that you feel like you need to drink an entire freshwater lake just to get your body back on track .

We almost got the goat cheese marinara, but Shane decided to play it safe tonight. Although I have to beleive we’ve had this before. But he swears he wasn’t sure he would like it.

Ted on the other hand was feeling dangerous and wanted to try new things. Hence the chicken Marsala for dinner. That’s definitely a new one for WTGW. We usually aren’t this classy, folks.

Luckily we were in no hurry this evening, because it took him a bit to dissect the chicken. He said he’s had better Marsala sauce, but the chicken was tasty. The skin was almost a deep fried flavor but the meat inside tasted like a slow cooked chicken.

I got the mushroom Swiss burger on a pretzel bun with tots.

It was very good. The burger was cooked just right, and even though I would tone down the amount of sauce if I were to order this again, overall the flavor was just right. And, I mean, pretzel bun. Enough said.

Shane got the weekly special burger – a Cajun patty with onion straws – and chips.

Hey, remember when Shane didn’t want the goat cheese marinara app because he wasn’t sure he would like it? Well … he would’ve been right. And someone got a lesson in reading the full menu descriptions, because it turns out that the burger had … wait for it … goat cheese on it. Sometimes destiny just steps in, no?

So, yeah, that kinda ruined it for him. The burger itself was cooked how he wanted it … but the goat cheese negated anything good.

For once Ted and Shane agreed that the cheese actually CAN make a burger nonedible. Who would’ve guessed?

Truthfully, though, that was about our only complaint with Pub Bricco. I mean, outside of our initial – and still standing – complaint about the pizzas anyway. But the atmosphere was fun – albeit a little weird with the 90s club music playlist in what we would consider to be a nicer restaurant … but who doesn’t need a little more Color Me Badd in their lives, really? And the service was great. Our drinks were never empty for long, and when it came time for our server’s shift to end – after we were clearly done eating, and just enjoying drinks – instead of just assuming we were ready to leave and bringing our checks, she told us she was leaving (to go home and do homework, respect) and asked if we could be cashed out and transferred to another server if we wanted more drinks. If you’ve been around here for a minute, you’ll know that that’s a quick way to our hearts.

I mean, had she also been carrying a pizza when she brought our checks back over, I think that might’ve been the only way we could’ve liked her any better at that moment.

We’ll be back Pub Bricco. If we tell you in advance can you just happen to have a “lost” specialty pizza ready with our names on it?