‘‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and we were … well, out drinking. Naturally. Have you met us?

Welcome to another of our annual night before Thanksgiving outings! Have we ever mentioned how much this fake alcoholic holiday always falling on a Wednesday seems tailor made for our group?

It’s always a careful planning process of the location where we want to spend this particular night. And by “careful” I really mean that we just try to find someplace we haven’t been to in a while and that serves something other than chicken wings before the biggest poultry eating day of the year.

Enter Kevin O’Bryans. Because, Irish food before an American holiday seems safe, no?

And also enter this week’s special guest, Chris! Who you may remember from our outing to Hoppin’ Frog a few months ago.

And who also loves fried green tomatoes as much as Shane does. When she saw them on the menu she was immediately happy for the option, as well as Shane’s proclamation that he could vouch for their deliciousness.

They shared the app.

I can’t be jealous, because over on the other side of the table Ted and I were food soulmates with our orders: the fish and chips, which comes with a side of chili, soup (tonight was broccoli cheddar) or salad. We both got chili, although Ted special ordered his with – take a guess – no cheese or onions.

Shane: there’s no way they’re getting that right since you both ordered the same thing,

But they did. Color us surprised.

With cheese and onions
And without.
And this x2

Ted – who seemed to be on a three course meal track here – also got the steak kabobs as an app. Meat on a stick? Who would’ve thought Ted would order that?

He offered to share.

Chris: Oh, so we’re all welcome to grab your meat then?

See why we invite her?

Since we’re talking about her, let’s pivot to her order, which was the spinach artichoke quesadillas with chicken. She said she ordered it because it sounded different. And I have to agree. I don’t think we have a tag for that in any of our previous posts.

She said it was decent.

Which is also the word I used to describe the chili. It was a bit spicy – definitely not bland at all – but not so much that you feel like you just doused yourself in vaporub and cleared out your upper respiratory system.

We may as well stick to a theme here, and call the fish and chips decent as well. It was pretty much like any other fish and chips at any other place. Which is a good thing, because really there’s not much you want to do to add variety to that particular dish, right?

Shane got the chipotle burger. I don’t remember him saying much about his meal, so we’ll just label that under the “decent” file, too.

Now if you’re disappointed about our lack of explanation for our food on this particular evening, let’s just say that shortly after we finished out meals we were promptly relocated so that the karaoke DJ hired for the evening could set up in our spot. And then relocated again when the DJ told us that he didn’t recommend anyone sitting that close to where his speaker was going to be placed. However, later in the evening another group managed to settle in at that table just fine, so we’re going to just pretend that what he told us wasn’t his attempt at politely calling us old people who looked like we might complain about noise levels and our inability to talk above them.

I think we may have redeemed ourselves when Shane eventually broke up the monotony of the karakoke singers and got up to sing his signature song – which, if you have never had the pleasure of witnessing, is a lovely love ballad by Adam Sandler called At A Medium Pace – and Ted and I were extremely entertained by the intense array of reaction ranging from cheers and laughs to complete and utter shock and awe.

To quote the DJ at the end of his song, “Now that’s how you want to start off a holiday weekend, people.”

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!