Alternate title: Ted is never, ever meant to eat at Flip Side in Hudson.

The last time we ate at One Red Door was probably around 7 or 8 years ago, when Ted tried to pick Flip Side, and it was so busy that we couldn’t get a table, so we ended up next door at One Red Door.

Tonight we thought we were golden when there wasn’t anyone waiting outside of Flip Side for a table. Well, that’s because the dining room is closed. Cruel joke, Flip Side.

Take note, someone might want to update the website to reflect that. But just know, Flip Side is carryout only during the week, with the dining room open on the weekends (Fri, Sat and Sun only).

However, there was a sign on the door saying One Red Door was open, and that they were serving the Flip Side menu. And so here we are.

They were very busy for a random Wednesday, although we realized it’s holiday season so that probably had something to do with it. After a hot minute we finally ended up getting seated at a table in the front of the restaurant behind a wall. Which I guess our reputation precedes us, because that was a fun way to pretty much seclude us from the rest of the swanky population of the place.

One Red Door is a bit fancier than our usual Wednesday night findings. I mean, check out exhibit A.

I had to remind Shane to move the paper menu so he didn’t catch the place on fire.

Hey, look at that – the first drink I tried to order they were out of! Because that hasn’t happened since, well, last Wednesday. Cool.

Good thing I’m used to this, and I gave her a secondary order as a backup plan. Because also, given the location of our table, we knew getting forgotten about was also going to be a real issue on this evening. So when the server returned with my R Shea’s Hot Chocolate Stout on draft instead of a seasonal cider I wasn’t entirely shocked.

Ted got the 12 Dogs of Christmas on draft.

Shane got a bottled Bud Light. And the next round he ordered two at the same time. I think you see where we’re going as far as the location of our table being a hindrance.

Ted also decided it was a good night for alcoholic milkshakes, so he got the strawberry alcoholic one. He was a bit surprised when he got to choose the alcohol he wanted in the shake. Because who doesn’t love choose your own adventure stories that begin with “what kind of alcohol do you want in that?”

He chose vodka, and was not disappointed.

For food, Ted got the Shawn’s burger, which is distinguished but the fact that it has a fried egg on it.

Shane got the chili burger. It comes with onion rings on it – which after one bite made him instantly upset that he didn’t get the onion rings as a side also.

The burger also comes with some spicy sauce that after left his mouth on fire for a good 20 minutes after the first bite.

Ted went to the bathroom and when he came back Shane’s burger was gone. So we think he liked it.

Although he said he wished he would’ve left the onion rings on the burger instead of eating them separate because he was too anxious.

I got the mushroom Swiss burger.

Ted and I also got the truffle fries, and Shane got the brisket fries.

Ted said everything about this experience was enjoyable. He liked all of his food, he liked the armosphere, he liked the drinks and he of course liked the spiked shake.

Of anything the only bad part was the service at the beginning. It took a minute to get seated and then it was a little bit before a server came over to the table. But we also understand that places are understaffed and that it was super busy.

Overall the food was good, the service got much better once we were seated and the place also started to thin out around an hour after we arrived (which was around 8:00, for anyone who’s keeping track). We all ordered off of what would be the Flip Side menu, so we can only speak to that – but it was tasty. The items on the One Red Door menu looked good, if that says anything. Maybe one day when we aren’t trying to eat at Flip Side and actually intend to go to One Red Door we can try that one.

Because it’s the holidays, and we were around the corner, we figured a trip to Hudson’s for their annual Christmas themed bar – Blitzen’s – was in order. I mean, when you have the chance to drink a whole menu of things only available once a year, you take advantage of it, right?

At least if you want to be friends with us anyway.

Shane got the Melted Snowman: vodka, rumchata, vanilla cream and fireball.

I got the Blue Jingle Balls: vodka, basil, and blueberry lemonade.

Ted got the July in Christmas: rum, pineapple juice, lemonade and ginger.

As you can see in that photo, Ted was already looking for his second round as soon as the first one arrived. Well that and we were told when we came in that the place was closing soon, so we had to jump in the opportunity.

Ted and Shane both got the Santa’s Boot Warmer for their second drink.

Oh look, it’s a pair of red boot souvenir cups. How cute.

I got the chocolate candy cane. Which did not come in a fancy cup. But was still delicious.

I mean, as overpriced holiday drink places go, Blitzens is definitely a destination not to miss. We won’t be there every weekend in the holiday season, but I do feel like it’s at least worth an annual stop.