Ah the Springfield Tavern. Subject of many jokes after our last experience here during a kitchen renovation delivered us a menu of only burgers and wings.

I mean, granted that’s typically what at least half of the group orders when we go out anyway. But when limited to JUST those choices – well, let’s just say we couldn’t let that pick go without some ridicule.

But hey look, they have more options now!

So much to choose from!

I mean, granted they told us back during our last visit that this would happen. We just waited like five years to come back and check.

What they still don’t have, though, is beer on tap. So Ted had to get Guiness in a bottle. And he was pretty happy to accept that given this certainly looks like a Budweiser crowd.

Speaking of, there was an actual crowd here tonight, when the last time we were here it was pretty much just us. So clearly they’re doing something right.

Hey guess what the special is on Wednesdays? Wings!

I could make a joke here, but I feel like that’s already been played out. So use your imagination, I’m sure you can come up with your own option here.

Anyway, the special is 75 cent wings on Wednesdays. Shane was the only one to get them, since Ted and I were a bit winged out after our last few weeks of revisits to regular wing haunts. Clearly if we had known we would be back to a place where we’re pretty much expected to order wings, we would’ve planned accordingly.

Shane got six of the garlic parm.

And also the bourbon burger. He was debating between that and the chipotle burger and asked the server which was better, to which she answered with no hesitation, bourbon.

Those are onion petals spilling out on top of the burger, by the way. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to close that sandwich.

Which I guess makes me glad I didn’t get the chipotle burger because I was eyeing that one too. But I got the corner burger instead, with tots.

In case you’re wondering, “corner burger” is really just a fancy way to say “burger with grilled onions and mushrooms.” So there’s that.

Ted got the brunch burger with jojos.

Yes, those are breaded potatoes next to his sandwich. Although they look suspiciously like wings, I know. Ted said they were similar to extra crispy KFC breaded jojos – they were very thick, but good.

So, the Springfield Tavern committed the cardinal sin when we ordered our burgers, in that they didn’t ask how we wanted them cooked. Like we all looked at one another after the server walked away like is it too late to change our entire orders? I mean, we all know how this is going to end, right?

Cue the well done burgers. Even alllllll the sauce on Shane’s couldn’t save that for him.

Mine was slightly saved only by the onions and mushrooms and cheese, because that part had good flavor. I just wish the burger had been less done along with that combination.

To quote Shane, he would rather risk poisoning before he ate a burger that well done again.

I mean not The Rail level of salmonella, but somewhere in between.

He did say the wings were good, though. So I guess we should’ve just trusted the special.

This definitely seems to be one of those times we should’ve branched out and tried something that we haven’t had at this particular place before, right? I mean I guess this serves us right for cracking the same joke about burgers and wings at the Springfield Tavern all these years … and then they give us more options but yet that’s still what we order. We’re nothing if not predicable, no?

We’re like the people who have 10 easier options for payment but still opt to write a check when there’s 15 people in line behind them at the grocery store because that’s what they’ve been doing for the past 75 years.

Next time maybe we just tackle the entire appetizer menu. Or breakfast even. But for the love of all things holy, someone slap the menus out of our hands if we try to order burgers again.

Picked by: Shane