Where To Go Wednesdays

Because who doesn't love midweek adventures when we all have to work in the morning?

Our Story

Want to know more about us and how this all started? Check out our story on the posts below.

Who are we?

Just a group of friends making the mid-week blues better by trying new out new places to eat and drink every Wednesday. From dive bars to classy establishments and everything in between, we’re not afraid to check it out, take some random photos, and share with you our experiences. Want to know more about us…

Where To Go Wednesdays – The Premise

OK, so how many times have you driven by some restaurant or bar and thought to yourself “that place looks really cool, we should totally go there sometime!”? Fast forward like a month later, and you drive past that same place and think the same thing again … but then keep right on driving to…

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