OK, so full disclosure, we’re kind of visiting Bricco on a technicality, since I think all of us have had food from there at one point in time or another. But we’d never actually visited this location – the original of the now four that exist – and Amanda had also not experienced the wonder that is the martini list … so we let it slide. Come on, we’ve been at this for 7 months now, cut us some slack.

Although apparently we need to go back to our previous affinity for dive bars, since Ted informed us in the car that his cousin wouldn’t be joining us again this week because we picked another place that was “too fancy” for his taste. Which makes me think that maybe Kyle would be the one person Shane could actually convince to join him for a meal at the Melody Inn.

Upon arriving at Bricco we worried for a split second that we didn’t have a reservation, because the place looked pretty packed. Turns out it was just “bring 25 of your closest friends to dinner at once” night – seriously, did we miss the memo? Our party of four was dwarfed by the two large tables of 15-20+ seated within the restaurant. We needed you Kyle. Geez. I also have to wonder how we keep showing up at places on power point presentation night as well. I mean, is this a rival WTGW meeting group of some kind? Because we can bring a projector and laptop too. For real.

As always, our evening started with drinks – including the aforementioned martinis for me and Amanda. And they were delicious, just like I remembered them. Backstory, for those that aren’t aware: Bricco for a few years had a location in downtown Cleveland, just across the street from my office. I’ve spent many a happy hour or post-show evening at the bar enjoying just about every martini on the list. While I’m very sorry they’re no longer there, I’m sure both my liver and my bank account are breathing a sigh of relief.

Oh, hello there
Oh, hello there

But now that Amanda has been introduced to the martini list, I’m sure things could change. Especially considering that the location in the Valley, while lacking many menu items we love (*ahem* the pizzas *ahem*) carries the same alcohol list. I see dangerous waters ahead for patio season. Or some at-home bartending lessons.

Don't we look all classy
Don’t we look all classy

Always the one to try the strangest drink on the menu, Ted started off with something called Clown Shoes. Um, OK. It must not have been that impressive, though, because he did not order a second one – so take that as you will. Shane stuck to the Strongbow ciders that we apparently drank the bar out of last week. Their supply held strong this week, thus solidifying our assumption that Amanda and I are the jinx when it comes to bottled beer selection. Yay us!

Since pizza was the whole reason we went to this location instead of the one closer to us in the Valley (well, that and the fact that we’ve all been to the Valley location already – well, except maybe Ted … hmm, there’s a role reversal) we all ordered something from the extensive pizza menu. To be fair, Bricco does have a large array of other foods – pastas, salads, fish and chicken entrees, sandwiches on the lunch menu … but by far I’d say the best thing on the menu is the pizza. I think we’ve only tried one before that we didn’t like, and even then it was a “well, the others were better” kind of dislike and not a “I’d rather vomit up a lung that eat that again” dislike.

I suggested that maybe we should just get a bunch of different kinds of pizzas for the table and share them among us so that we could try a few different ones, but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than my lovely husband shot me a look like I had just suggested he go swimming in a lake full of a thousand sharks, and barked something at me about getting his own food. OK, so someone was super hungry and not really in a Share Bear kind of mood. Point taken. 

This is his "really, with the camera?" face
This is his “really, with the camera?” face
Fancy pizza
This one is all mine. Seriously. Hands off Shane!

Which probably all worked out for the best, because Amanda ordered Ted’s worst nightmare, the pizza made entirely of a million kinds of cheese. Seriously, while delicious, I think this pizza could turn a person lactose intolerant just by looking at it. Shane and I both had the one with chorizo sausage, and Ted went with the blackened chicken/tortilla one. And in case I haven’t said it already, everything was delicious. And filling. I mean, Ted actually only ate half his pizza and had to get a to-go box, which I think was a first in WTGW history. And, following the great Market Tavern Pizza Challenge of a few weeks ago, Amanda threw heroics to the wind and took more than half her meal home as well. Smart move. 

(Sidenote: Can anyone tell us wtf chihuahua cheese is? Seriously. Because it’s on about 30% of the dishes on the menu at this place. Not that that’s a bad thing, we just don’t have any clue what it actually is. Kind of like the quinoa debacle at Hoppin Frog. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if you mixed the two together? OK, now I’m just making myself hungry again … )

So, anyway, all in all a successful visit, although we kind of already knew that would be the case. The only thing I’m sad about is that we didn’t get to sit in one of the cool private booth looking seats, since they looked hella fun. But, I’m sure we’ll be back, so maybe that’s an earn your way in kind of thing. Aspirations. It’s good to have goals.


Picked by: Shane
Drinks: Martinis. That’s really all you need to know. 
On this visit we all only had pizza, but it was outstanding as usual. I’ve had other items from a different Bricco location in the past, and have never been disappointed.
Service: Good. Props to our waiter for also handling the huge table of 20+ near us at the same time, and for being patient with us while we chose martinis. Even though he did think we were going to steal the menu.
Overall: Definitely on the repeat visit list.

Next Pick: Steph

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