While we may not be giving our usual fantastically sarcastic commentary on these places during this weird time, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the recognition just the same! Below is a continuing list of places we’ve visited during Quarantine 2020’s Where To Go (*to pickup takeout*) Wednesdays adventures:

  • Dilly’s Drive In, Cuyahoga Falls
  • R. Shea’s Brewery, Merriman Valley*
  • The Noisy Oyster, Merriman Valley*
  • Schwarma Brothers, Cuyahoga Falls
  • El Meson Mexican Restaurant, Cuyahoga Falls
  • The Blue Door Cafe and Bakery, Cuyahoga Falls
  • Siciliano’s, Ravenna
  • Tavern of Stow, Stow*
  • Jimmy Biggs, Cuyahoga Falls
  • Sushi Asia Gourmet, Merriman Valley
  • The Rail, Fairlawn*
  • Big Eue’s BBQ, Cuyahoga Falls
  • The Boulevard Tavern, Cuyahoga Falls*
  • Frank’s Place on Market, Akron*
  • Gasoline Alley, Bath*
  • Luca’s NY Pizza, Stow
  • Honeymoon Grille, Portage Lakes
  • Tim’s Pizzeria, Cuyahoga Falls*
  • Lemongrass Grille, Monroe Falls*

For those places marked with an asterisk (or *, for those who can’t figure out the technical terminology), there should be a full review on this site from a previous visit, so you can search the name of the restaurant in the bar above to learn more. The others are ones we either haven’t gotten around to visiting pre-Covid, or in some cases are takeout only … so of course we believe this whole 2020 experience was orchestrated by them specifically so that we would finally give them a chance.

We kid.

In any case, check out our social media channels for all of the photos from our takeout experiences … and perhaps a bit of our trademark sarcasm (because honestly we can’t help ourselves, and of course we know you miss that part of us the most).