So whether you’re a new visitor or one of our longtime fans (we know that list is short but distinguished, but we still love you just the same) you may have noticed that our involvement here on the blog seems to be a bit scarce these past few months.

Because 2020 is essentially a giant shit sandwich and this nasty thing called COVID has made taking our chances with dining out at restaurants even more of a culinary and health code Russian roulette than it already was on an ongoing basis, we’ve had to put our in-person visits on hold for the time being. I mean, let’s face it, some of the places we’ve visited in the not-too-distant past were well over the line of sketch without a huge global health crisis at play, so we can only imagine the state they may be in during this time of necessary social distancing and incessant antibacterial usage.

But we haven’t given up completely. Mid-week adventures are a part of our blood by this point … probably quite literally, since I have to believe we all must have some sort of health issues after seven years of weekly tablefuls of fried foods and copious amounts of alcohol, right? Therefore we can’t quit cold turkey. Clear arteries and functioning livers are overrated.

Once it was safe for restaurants to reopen for carryout orders, we returned to reserving Wednesday evenings for picking up meals from some of our local faves, and even a few new spots. But since a lot of what shaped our nights in the past has been as much the service and atmosphere at a place as the food itself, we’ve shelved in-depth reviews for the time being.

Boooo. I know. I miss doling out the sarcasm as much as you miss reading it. Trust me.

So in the meantime, you can follow us on our social media channels – Instagram, our newly formed Facebook page, and occasionally Twitter when I remember to post there – for photos and short bites (see what I did there?) about our “where to go (to pickup up food) Wednesdays” experiences.

That’s a mouthful. We’re not changing the logo anytime soon, folks.

Because we’ll be back. Honest. We promise. We miss our weekly jaunts to places both savory and sketch, and being able to share those evenings here. 2020 marks the seven year anniversary of this little adventure (!!), and now that we know the only thing that can truly take it down is a global pandemic … well, let’s just say that once life can return to whatever version of normal follows this, it’s on. I’ve got my list of next picks all set.