If you know us then you know that we certainly can get dig ourselves into a deep hole of ordering the same foods week after week. The top culprits tend to be burgers and wings – I mean, one would even go so far as to say that we would be comfortable eating at a place that ONLY had those two items on the menu.

But honestly, sometimes you just get in the mood for a really good burger, and then find yourself disappointed when what you thought would deliver on that idea just … doesn’t.

Such is the backstory that leads us to this week’s pick.

So yeah, you might remember that last week we got take out from Butcher and Sprout in Cuyahoga Falls, which we had visited back in the long ago pre-Covid era that was February 2020. Around $50 later and quite honestly still hungry and slightly bitter about the experience, we still found ourselves with a craving for a good burger that perhaps didn’t cost us as much as our gas budget for the month now that only one of us has to leave the house for work.

We had gotten take out from Dilly’s earlier this spring, and while they are by no means gourmet (wait, the words “drive in” in the title don’t imply that? Weird), we remembered at least liking them and thinking they would be worth another shot.

Hey, wanna guess what we ordered?

Um, burgers. Duh. It’s like if we made a drinking game out of the number of times the word “burgers” has appeared on this blog so far, someone could maybe legit be dead by this point.

No one in our group, mind you, because we have livers of steel. But like someone way smaller and less in tune with their inner alcoholic anyway.

So yeah, back to the burgers (drink!). Shane got the triple cheeseburger, as well as a coney dog.

I tried to made that photo as non-pornographic as possible, but I still feel as though I’ve failed miserably.

I ordered the mushroom cheeseburger, with a side of fries. And another side of fried mushrooms, because to hell with clear arteries.

So as already stated, we’re not looking at award winning meals here by any stretch of the imagination. You get what you order – meat and cheese between two buns, with a few condiments. No frills.

Meat, check. Cheese, check. Bread, check. Looks like a burger to me.

I’m trying not to speculate on what kind of a torture device those buns were strung through before they ended up topping our burgers (drink!) but a quick look back at a photo from the last time we ate there in the spring proved that whatever it is, it apparently happens with every order. So at least we can take comfort in the fact that it wasn’t just this particular Wednesday in which they arrived to us looking like someone on staff had gotten bored enough to check “what happens when I put bread into the meat dehydrator” off of their bucket list.

But while the sandwich (I gave you a break from the drinking game there, you’re welcome) overall may not look as pretty and the patties definitely aren’t as think and juicy as others we’ve had in the past, the flavor was decent enough for us to say that we would once again in fact go back at some point.

I have to admit that the fries were probably my favorite part of the meal, though. They were like a step above Wendy’s, but not quite to the level of steak fries at a good steakhouse. They were that perfect crispy on the outside by hot and flaky on the inside texture. And hey, there were more than 10 of them, for less than the price of the ripoff that was tater tots from last week, so that’s a plus and a half in our book.

All in all, Dilly’s is a decent standby for quick and easy to-go burgers when you don’t want to spend a ton. We paid as much for tonight’s entire spread – $18 – as we did for one burger with an upcharged side last week. Ouch.

For those of you thinking hey, you live in the Akron area, how would you rate Dilly’s as compared to Swenson’s, the local crown jewel of to-go, drive-in style burgers in the region?

Well, I’m ashamed to admit that we would be unqualified to give such a rating, seeing as we have yet to try a burger – or anything, honestly – from Swenson’s.

I’ll give you a moment to recoil in horror.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely always been on the list of things to do since moving here eight years ago. And trust me, enough people say things to us like “oh, so how often do you go to Swenson’s then?” when we say we live near Akron, that it almost feels like we’re personally letting them down when we can’t provide any commentary on the subject. But it’s also not exactly right in our backyard, so we usually tend to forget about them unless we pass the sign on Rt 8 when we’re out and about … which often tends to coincide with times when we’re not really hungry. It’s a strange phenomenon that almost leads me to believe the universe is steering us against it in some way.

But since we’ve never been ones to not defy the universe, we will get there. I promise. And when we do, you’ll definitely hear about it. Probably in some sort of Dilly’s vs Swenson’s burger face off, because we’re just a little but judgey when it comes to food. But that’s why you love us. We know.

Now put the shot glasses down and drink some water. We all have to work tomorrow, people. Whose idea was this drinking game, anyway?