Anyone else feel like in order for this place to completely be a WTGW favorite, the title should be read “Wings. Stop.” and not “WingStop”? Since, I mean, that’s pretty much the internal dialog that happens with at least a few group members as we’re reading menus on Wednesday evenings. “We’ve reached the wing section of the menu now, no need to go any further.”

Anyway. I’ll stop with the internal dialog of Steph’s writing mind now, sorry about that.

Being the wing connoisseurs that we are, we’re slightly embarrassed to admit that this is the first time we’ve been to this Cuyahoga Falls take out location – even outside of Wednesdays, since we know the whole take out thing for this evening is still a relatively new thing for us – but in our defense we were deterred by the listing being labeled as “permanently closed” at one point months ago when we looked it up online, and therefore kind of shut it out of our minds. Whether that was a covid-closing, or an honest mistake, or maybe a competitor messing with them by hacking their Google listing … well, whatever the reason, we kind of put WingStop out of our minds for a while because we figured that if we missed the tiny window in which it was actually open then it must not be that great anyway, right?

Spoiler alert: the window is now wide open, and we have a feeling we’ll be looking through it quite a bit in the future.

Especially given WingStop has a very easy online ordering system, were very safe with covid procedures like text and email alerts reminding you to stay in your car until alerted that your order was ready and therefore not crowding the small waiting area, and safely closing and stickering each bag containing your food. Well done.

Ever have that feeling like you want to try a little bit of everything, but you don’t want to actually have to order everything on the menu just to take five bites? No? Well clearly you have never hung out with us then, because that’s often how we end up with enough food for 25 at our table.

I also think more than once we’ve floated out the idea of opening an entire restaurant devoted to the concept of the sampler platter. GENIUS, RIGHT?!?! I mean, why is that only an option on appetizer menus? Not that mozzerella sticks and fried zucchini and onion rings all on one plate aren’t a delicious way to start a meal … but like why not make all of the entree choices into smaller portions, so you could put together your own platter of the things you want to try the most that maybe don’t actually go together? Like for those times when you kind of want lasagna, but then you also want an Italian sub, or maybe the place is really well known for its mac and cheese, so of course you want to try that also?

Just an idea. Unless you’re a potential investor and know a good chef, in which case hit me up and we can totally collaborate.


That’s basically where we were on this evening, in that because the only item we were getting was wings of course we wanted to try ALL THE FLAVORS, and also I was leaning more toward tenders than wings, and then there’s the whole boneless vs regular conversation, and also sides …

Life is hard, I know.

Luckily, there’s such a thing as the “all in bundle,” which was 16 boneless or regular wings – we chose boneless because it was considerably cheaper in this particular bundle – with six chicken tenders and a side item like French fries.

Well that just checked a lot of boxes, now didn’t it?

For flavors, we opted for eight Korean BBQ and eight Louisiana rub for the boneless wings, and then three of the Hot tenders and – since this was one of the sauces we thought sounded the most interesting – three of the Korean BBQ tenders.

Boneless wings, with the Korean BBQ on the left and the Louisiana rub on the right
And tenders, with Hot on the left and Korean BBQ on the right
It should be pretty obvious what these are, no?

Because we also wanted to try the regular wings, and also because we all know that one item would be a decent amount of food for most people but an astoundingly small amount for the two of us, we also ordered a 15 pack of just regular wings, split between the Hickory Smoked BBQ and the Garlic Parm.

Regular wings, garlic parm on the left and hickory BBQ on the right

And then a side order of the voodoo fries – which are regular fries seasoned with the Cajun seasoning and covered in cheese sauce – for good measure.

I’m hoping the difference between these and the regular fries is painstakingly obvious

So anyone who has read any of our previous posts will know this next statement carries some weight:

Shane was a huge fan of the wings.

Whoa. That’s like receiving a major award or something.

I mean, we didn’t bust out Top 5 list comparisons or anything like that, but really that’s just because we didn’t think to ask. But I think we may have found his new go-to place for a wing carryout order.

We both thought that they had good flavor. I thought the traditional wings were a little on the small side, and the boneless were a better value. Shane didn’t try the tenders, but I thought they were my favorite out of everything we ordered because they were fairly large and had a good amount of sauce/spice to each of them.

And before you ask, yes, I honestly did try everything.

This is called fair judging

We also both highly recommend the voodoo fries – they have a hot kick to them, but they’re very tasty and worth the upgrade over the regular fries for sure.

As far as sauces, out of the ones we tried this order, the Korean BBQ and the Louisiana dry rub were the clear favorites, followed by the garlic parm, then the hot then the hickory BBQ. Honestly everything was good – but if you like to rank things (like some people we know) then there’s your list.

Our whole order was about $40 total, which wasn’t bad considering it was way more than we could finish in one meal, so really it probably broke down to about $20/meal for two people. In other words we could’ve just gotten that all-in bundle for the two of us to share and called it a night … but where would the fun be in that?

Also, mark my words, I guarantee that the next time we order from here -which I know we will – we will get just as much food again, so clearly if we aren’t going to heed our own warnings about portion sizes then we won’t hold you to that standard either.

Because we know you’ve missed those “crowded table of food” photo shoots. You’re welcome.