Oh Eddy’s. Where have you been all of our lives … or at least the past eight years of our lives that we’ve been living in Cuyahoga Falls? I mean, we’ve passed right by you probably 400 times, but while our absence from your dining room on Wednesday nights does have a valid reason (violating Rule #2 of WTGW picks: must have alcohol), somehow we never took the time to explore your menu online or make a reason to order carryout.

Shame on us. We’ve clearly been missing out.

First of all, the menu here is huge. Like I kind of feel like maybe we’d have a valid excuse for not ordering before now if we said we started reading if online about seven years ago, but still couldn’t decide what to order yet. And bonus for being a little but of everything. Sandwiches? Check. Salads? Yep. Full out dinner platters? Sure thing. Breakfast? Got that too – although we’re a little unclear if that’s just a morning availability, or an option for those times when you could really just go for some pancakes at 7PM (looking at you, Honeymoon Grille – I’m still dreaming of those pumpkin pancakes from months ago).

Eddy’s also has a convenient online ordering presence which you can access directly from their Facebook page. Just double check the location for pick up – Stow or Cuyahoga Falls. I haven’t scoured each menu to see if they differ, but I can only assume it would definitely suck to show up at one location expecting to leave with your meal only to find out you had to drive across town to retrieve it from the other one instead.

Another little tip: while the online ordering system is definitely convenient and easy to use, we would suggest figuring out your order well ahead of when you want to eat and choosing your pickup time instead of waiting and selecting “ASAP.” When we ordered, around 5:30PM, the website originally gave us a 20 minute wait time (woo hoo!), but then once the order was actually received and processed by Eddy’s kitchen it updated to instead be about 50 minutes (wait, what?!). I mean, kudos for updating the time quickly via my confirmation email and not just letting me sit at the restaurant for that extra half hour, but still.

So naturally when I arrived to pick up the order I expected to be one of a crowd, and to also find the dining room filled (or, as filled as allowed, given we are still under Covid space restrictions). Um, unless the rush left just before I pulled into the parking lot, or someone online ordered a banquet for 50 just before I hit “place order” on ours, I honestly can’t say I understand why the extra time was needed. Because aside from the two cars parked beside the building that I assume belonged to the staff, there was one car in the lot. One. And that corresponds to the one table with two people seated at it that was actually occupied in the dining room. So, OK then. Maybe the entire kitchen staff went on break just as I placed my order, or they ran out of the ingredients necessary to make our meals and had to run to the store to replenish?

It’s a mystery, friends. The good news is that it was definitely worth the extra wait.

So in the ever present couples debate of “what should we share for an appetizer?” tonight’s winner was … potato skins.

Surprised, right? That’s not something that usually tops our list of most-ordered foods. To be perfectly honest, Shane was vying for the Bloomin’ Onion, but I’m not really a fan of that particular app. I mean, there are a lot of vegetables I can get behind the fried versions of, but that’s not really one of them.

It should also be noted that potato skins are not exactly anywhere the near the top of the list of Shane’s preferred appetizers, but, well, welcome to marriage, am I right?


Luckily we were back in sync on our sandwich orders, with Shane getting the Classic Reuben, and me getting essentially the “dressed down” version of the same meal, a corned beef deli sandwich with an added piece of Swiss cheese.

Corned beef, hot, all dolled up with someplace to be
Corned beef, non-fancy style and ready for a night in on the couch

We both subbed in fries instead of chips for both ($1.75 extra each), which was a decision well made because we discovered upon opening the takeout boxes that they’re actually … crinkle cut fries.

And how can you not like crinkle cut fries? I mean, come on. They just make me smile.

Little zigzags of happiness right there

Well, I guess unless you’re Shane, who apparently shelves crinkle cut fries on his list alongside potato skins of things he’s not especially fond of. Um, what’s this now? I quite literally learned this fact for the first time tonight, and was quite shocked considering we went through a moment years back when we would purchase them by the family sized bagful from the grocery store on the regular.

He says he’s not sure why he’s not a fan, except that they just “don’t taste the same” as fresh cut or wedges or any other shapes and types of French fries. Which seems odd, considering that no matter what, they’re all literally just made from plain potatoes. Like you could cut them into triangles, they’re still fried or crisped potatoes.

Who is this person I’ve married?

So it says a lot that despite the additional wait time for our order, and this meal containing two items that Shane wouldn’t necessarily pick off the menu as things he would want to consume on his own, we both still gave Eddy’s a huge thumbs up. The portion sizes were incredible – neither of us could fully finish our sandwiches, and a few skins were also saved for a future meal. Next time I’d like to try one of the other sandwiches available, or maybe one of the salads. And we all know how I feel about breakfast foods, so that’s definitely on the list as well.

Our total for this meal was about $40, and we were able to pay via card on the website so once we arrived for pickup all we had to do was grab the bag and leave. (I can’t figure out why more places don’t do payment over the phone, especially given the current circumstances?)

Eddy’s, we’ll be back for sure. And I guess next time I’ll have to compromise and get the Bloomin’ Onion, for Shane’s sake. So maybe we can throw a few extra crinkle cut fries in for me, then, for my sacrifice? Just sayin’.