Ah, Tim’s. One of our old faves, and a great go-to when we need a meal that we know won’t disappoint. We also surprisingly haven’t had pizza for a hot minute now (now there’s a sentence you don’t hear us utter all that often, right?) so it seemed a good diversion from the world of sandwiches and fries.

We’re glad to see Tim’s has adapted as well as possible to the current Covid world – they’ve removed several tables in their already small space so that those who are dining in can have the appropriate space between tables, and the bar seating is separated in pairs by partitions. For those of us ordering carryout, they are great with call-in orders, and have the doors set up on a one-in, one-out only form with a pay station right by the front door at the bar and then the exit at the side door leading out to the parking lot on the side of the building. Easy peasy.

If you’ve read our blog, like, ever, then you probably already know that Shane has one thing and one thing only that he orders from Tim’s: the stuffed banana pepper pizza.

Like, seriously, if Tim’s ever wants to do a commercial to sell this particular item, they should knock on Shane’s door for sure. He ordered it once the very first time we ever came in here to eat, and hasn’t faltered at all on his adoration. I mean, he even commented that it may be his number one pizza of all time right now.

And, again, if you’re familiar with Shane and his infamous lists, you know that’s kind of a big deal.

Meanwhile, I got a a small 4-slice pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms and Italian sausage. Which may or may not be something I’ve ordered before, I’m actually not all that positive of my food choices for this particular establishment. Not in a bad way, but more in a “everything I’ve had has been good, so I trust myself to order what I feel like eating that day.”

Also, it should be noted that Shane’s large pizza would’ve been more than enough to feed two normal people wanting to share a dinner together. The operative word there being “share,” which we also by now know is something that Shane is not a fan of doing.

Although he did let me have a slice – because I commented that in all the times he’s ordered this particular pizza I wasn’t really sure that I had ever even tried it – and also because I kind of just took it and claimed that it was in our wedding vows for him to share with me when I deemed necessary.

We also got appetizers, because clearly like 20+ slices of pizza aren’t enough for just two people, but also more so because life just isn’t complete without fried foods. We chose the calamari and breaded mushrooms.

Yeah, we probably could’ve done without the apps, honestly.

Shocker, I know.

But less for the reasoning of the sheer amount of food we brought back into the house, and more so because, well … while those are both items I’m pretty sure we’ve ordered from Tim’s before, this time around they just weren’t that impressive. There wasn’t a ton of flavor on either of them. And the breading on the mushrooms slid off faster than butter on a hot roll. Like, we learned our lesson early on about popping a breaded mushroom into your mouth to devour all in one bite (unless you’re a fan of completely losing the skin on the roof of your mouth in about two seconds flat, which we are not), but in this case when we tried to just eat part of it a one time we were left with a hot mushroom and a pile of bready goo in our hand. And that’s not a good look for anyone.

But we’re happy to say that the pizza definitely did not disappoint. And is worth going to Tim’s over and over again just to get. The dough is good, the sauce has just enough sweetness for Shane while not being overwhelming, and all of the toppings are always prominent and tasty.

We do miss the atmosphere of dining inside at Tim’s, but we’re glad to see so far ordering out is still working OK for them – and we hope they continue to do as well as possible with this system. And unless another local place starts serving up a twist on a banana pepper pizza to give this one a run for Shane’s top five list, I think I can solidly say that once we’re comfortable eating out again I’m sure this will be one of our first stops for an evening out.