Oh snow. Can’t we just break up already? Like I get that it’s only the start of February – and that while it’s the shortest month of the year on a calendar, here in Northeast Ohio it seems to go on longer than those golf tournaments my grandfather used to torture with with watching on TV when I was a child simply because it seems to snow every. damn. day. And not the pretty, look who’s shaking the snowglobe now kind of snow – but this crazy let’s dump four feet in one day and then make it 5 degrees for a week straight so you have no hope of it ever melting crap.

Clearly Mother Nature and I are still feuding.

But this is relevant because her antics this evening caused us to have to think fast for a place that was not a huge trek away, since snow was piling up and no one wanted to take too many chances on icy roadways just so we could eat unhealhily on a Wednesday evening. We have limits.

Fortunately we have On Tap just a few miles down the street from us – and yet somehow we have never ordered takeout from them, so just call us giant losers, I guess. I mean, we’d eaten there in person fairly often up until a year ago – and especially since the remodel a few years back that made the bar area much more open and welcoming to a younger crowd. It was always a great choice for watching a game or just grabbing a quick bite with a few drinks while still staying fairly close to home.

Well now we know we can get a great order to-go while still staying close to home. Success.

Calling in the order was easy and quick – although I will admit after a few weeks of being able to use an app or online vehicle to basically place and order and pay without involving another human being, this was a somewhat foreign concept. Thanks for that, 2021. But whatevs.

It seemed pretty busy inside with tables of people eating (although it did seem that they had removed several of the tables in the bar area to account for social distancing and safety) and people at the bar – and there were lots of carryout orders behind the desk also so apparently we weren’t the only ones with this particular idea tonight. Our order was ready and waiting when I arrived and pickup was easy and safe.

Hey, will you be surprised when I tell you we ordered wings and a burger? Because that never happens.

Shane got the Blue Burger – which is topped with onions, mushrooms and blue cheese – and he opted to have it on a pretzel bun, with a side of onion rings.

He also got five of the boneless Garlic Parm wings, which win the award for the most oversized vehicle for carryout. Like, really, you couldn’t find anything smaller to put these in? It’s like transporting a hamster in a horse trailer.

I got a Pretzel Melt, which is named specifically for the pretzel bun, lest you think it’s just one big pretzel with cheese melted all over it or something. It’s actually turkey, swiss and bacon with lettuce and tomato.

Although that whole pretzel with cheese thing does sound tasty, too. Another time, I guess.

I opted for a salad as my side. Which fortunately arrived with just enough croutons and cheese to make it unhealthy enough to fit into our Wednesday repertoire.

Shane had mentioned having a taste for onion rings, but said he didn’t see them in the menu as an appetizer item. Um, yeah, he’s just blind. So I surprised him with an an app of those, too.

This is marriage in 2021, folks. We surprise one another with onion rings. #thankscovid

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Shane’s taste for onion rings might be quenched after this week, since between his side order and that very large app, well, we had what some might consider a “crapload” of them. So much so that we had almost all of the app left over just because we couldn’t finish them due to all of the other food we had. Not that they weren’t good by any means – they were lightly breaded, and very large, plus there are a ton in the app order, so it was pretty ambitious to think we would be able to eat all of them anyways.

Maybe the onion rings overshadowed everything else for Shane because he wasn’t as excited about his burger as he was about those. He said the burger was OK, but definitely not in any of his Top 5 lists or anything. Same with the wings.

I mean, he still ate everything, so it’s not like it was inedible or anything. And we also know his lists change basically every other day so that’s not necessarily to say he wouldn’t order them again.

Very helpful statements for a review, I know.

My sandwich was really good. I liked that the bun was toasted but not blackened or chargrilled – as I’m one of those annoying people who sets the toaster on the “1” setting to basically just warm up the bread without actually changing the color of it. And it had really good flavor.

I’m glad we finally tried a carryout option from On Tap, so that we know they will be a great option for times when we want a quick, easy and close-to-home carryout order. There’s a decent selection on the menu for lots of different things like sandwiches, salads, burgers, wings, flatbreads, apps, etc – so it’s an easy option when you you’re catering to a group or don’t have a taste for one type of food in particular. We definitely prefer eating there in person because of the atmosphere (have I mentioned how amazing the renovations were?!?) – but for now we will surely be keeping them on our list for local carryout. Especially when we finally run out of onion rings.