Us: lives in the Akron area for more than eight years and proudly boasts that we had yet to try area-favorite, Swenson’s.

Also us: finally gives in and tries it, then goes twice in as many months.

Better late to the party than never arriving,, no?

So basically our pick this week – just like last time – was another victim of circumstance in some ways, as I was craving a burger but didn’t want to drive far to get it or go to a place we’ve been 400 times in the past year. #firstworldproblems

The last time we went to Swenson’s (also the first time, how ironic) we just decided on the fly, pulled up to the place and placed our order in person, then waited for it to arrive. I remember seeing other cars pull up near us and receive their orders way before us, which of course meant that they had ordered ahead of time … either that, or Swenson’s REALLY has some regulars and they seriously play favorites. So this time around we went ahead and downloaded the app (hey, if this is the second time already that we’re eating there, chances are pretty good that we’re going to be using it again in the fairly near future, right?) and used that to place our orders.

A few notes on the app, as in some ways it’s great. As you already know, we have an affinity for food apps that let us either pickup ASAP or pick a future time (check), and that make the various menu options easy to locate and select (check). And who doesn’t love little pictures for some of the condiment options for the burgers? I mean, come on.

However, the bad part about not ordering in person is that the app doesn’t allow you to make special orders. So like the triple galley boy that Shane wanted to order, or even the addition of hot peppers that we had gotten on our burgers last time. We’d love to see an option for “special instructions” on each ordering option when using the app, so that you can make those little extra requests. I mean, it’s cool that you can specify light, medium or heavy ketchup on your burger, and there is a section for adding some extra instructions at the end of the ordering process … but, like, after you’ve already paid, so I have a feeling adding on another burger patty to your sandwich or some special condiments that would cost extra (and we have no problem paying for) wouldn’t exactly be appreciated.

So since ordering a triple Galley Boy apparently means you have to show up in person and give the secret handshake, Shane just decided to go with the same sandwich he got the last time: the triple cheeseburger (-er). And while he couldn’t add the hot peppers, he was able to add bacon via the app at least.

I wasn’t that thrilled with the special sauce on the Galley Boy the last time around, and decided I wanted to change things up with this order. I may have mentioned already that I was also craving a burger – and that I remembered the patties on Swenson’s burgers to be a little on the thin side – so I went big this time and got the half pound burger, with lettuce, tomato, cheese and pickles.

We also both got side orders of onion rings and potato teasers. Because we all know you can never have too many fried appetizers, am I right? Well, and also, we had someone recommend to us that we should get the potato teasers, so there’s that, too.

And because it was amazing last time – and also I apparently really wanted my “I despise dairy” stomach to completely hate me, one Mocha Mint shake for me.

So, yeah, once you get away from the single Galley Boy burger – at a whopping $3.90 – and start diving into the waters or doubles/triples/half pounders … things can get a touch expensive. So instead of the $23 we spent the first time round, we brought our total up this time by the cost of about two Galley Boys, to $30. The half pounder was a full $2 more than the Galley Boy ($5.90, for those of you not paying attention), and the triple cheeseburger is just a hair under that, at $5.25.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they aren’t worth the extra – because they are. And still a great price for a quality burger, especially in the case of the half pounder – which is a much larger patty and, along with the quarter pounder, the only options that are cooked to order (medium well or well done).

I will say, though, that ordering two sides to go along with my burger was most definitely overkill. Apparently not dining in at restaurants in all this time has soured me, because I completely underestimated how big a half pound burger really is. And even though you don’t get a ton with the sides, it was still way too much … nd let’s not forget that heavy milkshake, which is basically like a drinkable dessert.

Side note, who else misses desserts? I feel like we had just started getting to a point where we figured those into our Wednesday dining out evenings – along with drinks, of course – and then just like that they were gone. This may be cause for a trip to Gasoline Alley or Honeymoon Grille again soon, as we know we can always count on their fresh baked goods to still hold up to carryout.

And now I’m craving cheesecake. And cake in general. Dammit.


So the lesson for next time is to either get the quarter pounder with two sides, or the half pounder with one side. I mean, that still leaves so many possibilities. But just choose wisely, lest you have to roll yourself over to the couch afterwards like I nearly did this evening. Thankfully we were already wearing sweats, because #thankscovid. But, like, for real.