Ah, Noisy Oyster. We have a fun history, no? I mean, the last time we actually ate here, we had an nearly impossible time finding a table since apparently Wednesdays were trivia nights – and the clientele here took that pretty seriously. And then there was the time we tried to eat here, but were met outside by a strange man scolding us that we “should’ve come earlier” as we walked out defeated and heading in search of a Plan B.

Solid advice, dude. Thanks for that.

In any case, apparently while indoor dining has found it’s footing post-pandemic, trivia hasn’t quite reached that status as of yet. RIP. But it did make it about 200% easier to walk in off the street on a Wednesday night and grab a table, so I’ll be the first to admit I’m not all that sorry about losing that particular restaurant game.

Even if it did earn us a still yet to be used gift card from Dilly D’s. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about tonight.

You know what DID survive the pandemic at Noisy Oyster? Beer specials on Hamm’s.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately none of us were enticed by that special. Ah, how a year changes you, right?

But Shane did remember that the wing dings were the main reason he at least had scored the place as a return visit possibility the last time we ate here, so at least that much remains the same. He ordered six of those, along with a mushroom Swiss burger.

I also got the mushroom Swiss burger but with onion rings.

The burgers were good. We all know it’s a bit worrisome when they don’t ask how we want them cooked, but at least we didn’t end up with either a charred hockey puck or a burger that Shane would for years proclaim was an attempt to murder him. To quote Goldilocks, these were cooked just right.

Ted got six of the hot wings, and also the Mediterranean rainbow trout dinner that was on special that night.

Because a place that has a standing special on Hamm’s should also be expected to have a special on Mediterranean trout, no? Seems logical. Kind of like discovering the local gas station also serves stellar sushi.

Ted said it was tasty, though. He said it was a bit on the salty side, but that was better than it being bland, so he would take it. He was most impressed with the Caesar salad that accompanied his meal, since it was devoid of both iceberg lettuce and cheese. Which usually would be things that people like on a salad – but by now we all know how Ted feels about cheese, and I guess somewhere along the way iceberg lettuce wronged him as well. Noted.

If he were Shane, we might say that this particular salad was in his Top 5 of Caesar salads. I mean he’s not, and he didn’t, but this is a fun game anyway.

The service at Noisy Oyster was really good. I mean, we were kind of grading on a curve after our experience at The Battleground last week, but when we had our second round of drinks before our food even hit the table we all pretty much came to the realization that this wasn’t just us showing our scars from the week prior. Our server definitely made a point to come around several times to check on us, and our drinks were always refilled quickly. It was almost like they could hear when the glasses got to the 1/4 full line, and would suddenly appear to ask if we were ready for another. Which is a quick way to our hearts, if anyone is keeping notes on that particular topic.

We’ll be back Noisy Oyster. Just maybe can we ask you to think about moving trivia to another night of the week? Or at least let us know how to get in touch with the “should’ve come earlier” guy so maybe he can hold the fort down for us until we arrive?