Following my failed attempt last week to get the ONE FOOD I was craving, we were on a mission this week.

No Asian food. No pizza. No burgers even. And if you’re familiar with this group you know it’s rare that at least one of us doesn’t order a burger on any given week.

Nope, we were in search of a wing night.

Shane put on his go-getter hat early in the week and started looking online for places with Wednesday wing specials. By Wednesday night we had narrowed it down to Dominic’s (with 85 cent jumbo wings, regular or breaded. It should be noted that our first experience with the breaded wings is what has kept us from returning there for food in years) and The Clubhouse (with 79 cent jumbo wings).

And so here we are.

Full disclosure, this wasn’t the first time we ever set foot in The Clubhouse. But usually our travels have been centered more around partaking in copious amounts of alcohol and drunken attempts at song by some members of this group, and never actual food consumption.


And clearly we aren’t the only ones with that thought process, as most times when we would come in for weekend karaoke it seemed fairly busy. But on this Wednesday night it was … well … pretty empty. Or very empty. Or so empty that when we walked in we could only hear our own conversations and the TVs in the bar, so we kind of felt like we had to double check to make sure someone just didn’t leave the door unlocked during an off hour. There were a few people sitting at the bar, but we were the only ones who claimed a booth.

Which makes perfect sense that, given every available booth in the place, we somehow gravitated to this one.

Ummmm …

So. Many. Questions.

Including: was the year this was hung on the wall the last actual time they remodeled in here? I mean, it’s definitely dated. And weird.

Our server told us that the wing special is only good with a minimum order of ten wings. OK, twist our arms. I feel like we’ve ordered stranger things just to get a deal on chicken wings, but whatever.

Although be warned: they don’t allow any take home boxes. So if you’re like us then the biggest dilemma was not over ordering, knowing that anything we didn’t eat had to be left behind.

Pro tip: if you’re wondering what the “club mix” seasoning is, well, Ted asked, and learned that basically it’s like their version of a secret sauce. They literally just mix a bunch of stuff together. So to quote our server, “it’s sweet but like an orange sauce but not too spicy but kind of spicy.”

Clears that right up, no?

But also marketing genius, because Ted ordered 10, I think out of pure curiosity, And 10 of the Teryaki Cajun, probably as a fall back so he wouldn’t starve if he hated the club mix.

Shane was also sold on the club mix, so add another 10 to those at our table. And 10 of the hot garlic. And some fried mushrooms.

It’s always fun when you can actually see the garlic on the wings

I got 10 of the brown sugar bourbon dry rub. And fries.

Remember what I said about over ordering? I believe we failed miserably there. Or at least the guys did, because they were definitely uncomfortable by the end of the evening.

I think we were all surprised with how large the wings were. Especially for a wing night special, when it seems most places serve up wings that seem to come more from parakeets than actual chickens.

And the club mix was the definite winner, along with my dry rub. The other sauces were decent, but definitely not as tasty. But there were some other interesting flavor combinations on the menu that we agreed we would like to return to try the next time around. Ted was impressed with the various teryaki combinations, which you don’t see a lot of on other menus. Usually it’s garlic combos, or cajun combos, but not a lot of teryaki. The server told us that the cook takes pride in trying new combos and then including the ones that review the best. We might know some people willing to help with that. Just saying.

But only if we can get a plaque on the wall.