Tonight’s pick courtesy of Facebook, who let us know this place had just been remodeled, and therefore was deserving of a repeat visit.

See, sometimes social media can be used for good.

It’s been more than a hot minute since our last visit to Market Street. Even as we sat inside we kind of had to remind ourselves what it looked like previously. We think it’s a lot more open now. And fancier. And there’s new flooring. But they still have the same booths … or at least we hope so anyway, since the table we had was super wobbly, so for their sake we hope that wasn’t a part of the renovation process.

And was there a patio last time? Unsure, but we probably should’ve exercised that option a little more this time around, since Mother Nature actually cooperated and offered up a last minute evening that could’ve still been nice enough to take advantage of that. Oh well.

You know what hasn’t changed? The confusing parking lot entrance that may or may not mean you have to go the wrong way up a highway exit ramp to get to. Nothing like a little game of car frogger to jumpstart your evening.

But, hey, if you survive that adventure then even more reason to celebrate with a beer, right? Well, they have a special for that – $3 large Bud Lights and $4 Summer Shandy. Score.

I mean, unless you’re Ted that is, who stumped them with an ask about something on draft that wasn’t a light beer. Guinness it is, then. But not on special. Boo.

So social media – while correct on the reopening front – also led us to believe that they added some new items to the menu. But once we were there we weren’t really privy to what they are. That’s not really a good use of marketing, but you do you I guess.

We did get a repeated thumbs up from the server as we were overheard discussing the fried mushrooms – so what the hell, we got those as an app. I mean, it’s not like that’s something we usually don’t like or anything.

These look fancy

Shane thought they were – to use his exact words – “fantastic” – mainly because of the breading. I didn’t think they were anything special, though.

#balance. It’s what makes a marriage work, friends.

Ted got the Buffalo cauliflower. Which looks a lot like the mushrooms, TBH.

Different vegetable, same deep fryer

We were also pleasantly surprised by the complimentary basket of chips and dip that arrived at our table before our order was taken – so like a Mexican restaurant, but with regular chips and French onion dip. And it did trigger our memory of our last visit. Like as soon as the basket was set down there was a collective nod amongst us and rumblings of “oh riiiiiigghhhhtttt – now I remember this place.”

Memories …

Funny how free (insert food/drink/dessert item here) instantly triggers memories within this group. It’s a learned skill.

Although we took one look at the basket and realized this was clearly not enough for three people. And especially not three people like us who like food. Oh well. When it’s free you don’t complain, right?

And luckily you can get an order of chips and dip as a side – which is what I opted for to accompany my mushroom Swiss burger.

This order won out over the Philly cheesesteak, which I had also been debating. Because sometimes you just have to make the hard choice about what form you want your red meat, bread, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese to take before you consume it.

Shane got the cheeseburger, along with six of the Erie Island wings – because if those are on a menu there’s about a 99.9% chance he will order them.

That .1% is just on the off chance case he didn’t see them listed until after his order was already taken and the server wasn’t able to be flagged down again.

You laugh, but it’s happened.

It looks so … plain

Unfortunately this time around the wings weren’t as good as what he remembered Erie Island flavored wings being. He said that the spices seemed to be the same … but the meat tasted different. Because when it comes to chicken that’s definitely something you want to hear, no?

I mean, we know they were cooked – because they arrived so hot that smoke was pouring off of them as he was biting into them. I’m hopeful he doesn’t have to give fingerprints any time soon. I’m fearful they may have been singed off.

Ted got the grouper, after a lengthy internal debate between that and the pork chops.

Ted thought his food was very good. His biggest complaint about our visit was that the service was pretty spotty.

I mean, that statement should probably have an asterisk next to it, because our server did tell us that it was only her second day working there. Fair enough.

So we’ll give her some grace when she has to come back several times to ask follow up questions about our orders, like if Ted wanted his grouper baked or fried, or what kind of cheese Shane wants on his burger.

But also: this is one of those places where two or three different people check on you throughout your visit, so really there should be no excuse when something like a beer glass goes empty for far too long,

The burgers were a little too chargrilled for mine and Shane’s liking. We should’ve known that would be the case, since out of all of all the follow up questions she returned to ask after the fact, “how do you want your burger” wasn’t one of them. I mean, it wasn’t awful – but it just wasn’t cooked how we would’ve preferred.

Ted summed up our visit when he said that overall it was good … but overall it was also nothing too extraordinary. It’s a good place to visit if you’re in the neighborhood and hungry. But it’s not really going to be a place that we specifically come up with off the top of our heads when we need the name of a place to revisit.

Although we do still need to check out the patio sometime. Just putting that statement out here for when we reference this post again down the road wondering “did we know they had a patio there?” You’re welcome, future WTGW group.