So the last time we were here it was winter. And dark. So it’s no surprise it didn’t look familiar to us as we were driving up.

But we did remember from our last visit that there was talk of a really nice patio. See above comment about the winter darkness keeping us from trying it out. So of course we took advantage of it this time, right?

Ha. Nope. Come on, have you met us and our complete disfunctional relationship with Mother Nature? There were storms forecasted for the evening – which seemed to pass by – but even so the humidity was stifling. So we opted to stay inside.

Although with the number of cars outside it seems like we might’ve been the only ones to go that route, because there were way fewer taken tables than what we anticipated given that we took the last parking space.

Apparently we wanted to feel like we were visiting in the winter again, as we had to move tables shortly after we were seated right in the wind tunnel of the AC. Like I never thought to grab a sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside, but I could’ve used it there. Fortunately we were able to switch to the other side where the air wasn’t directly blowing on us.

Ted asked for dark beer and was told they had … Yuelingling. Hmmm. Have you actually ever seen a Yuelingling? It’s like Bud Lite. That’s practically see through the last I checked, but thanks for playing.

He got a Truth instead.

Speaking of Bud Lite, guess what Shane opted for? Unwavering.

After a solid few weeks of beer options I decided to give my liver a break and go back to tequila and soda. You’re welcome, liver.

For food we waited until she warned us the kitchen was really backed up before we placed a food order pretty much large enough to feed a party of six.

Ted was all set to order the perch sandwich, and then had his dreams crushed when they told him they were out. Boo.

His backup was the meatball sub. Which fortunately they still had. Along with five of the sweet and spicy wings.

And fried cauliflower.

Shane and I were going to get the sampler platter as an app, but after putting the rest of our orders in we realized that was an obscene amount of food. I mean, when we actually accept it before ordering you know it must be true. So we backed it down to just the cheese curds.

Because fried cheese never hurt anyone … Sid pretty much everyone in the world except Ted.

I got the Barrel Burger, which has two cheeses, lettuce, tomato and barrel sauce. And it comes with fries.

Shane got the Reuben with fries. And five garlic parm wings.

Ted said he ordered the exact amount of food for how hungry he was. He was full but not uncomfortable. That’s the dream, right?

Also for those keeping track, the Ted fullness meter is two apps and a sandwich. Got it.

He did forget to ask for no cheese on the sub – the absence of the perch sandwich really threw him off – but he was able to scrape most of it off of the meatball sub. Which is impressive given, well, the shape of meatballs.

Shane said his garlic parm wings were some of the best wings he’s ever had.

Meanwhile Ted said he felt exactly the opposite. He said “sweet and spicy” apparently means “glazed” because they were neither sweet nor spicy, but definitely had a coating of some kind on them.

My burger was good. It was cooked to order and had good flavor. Sometimes that’s really all you can ask for, am I right?

And we all agreed the fries were really good.

Overall I’d say Barrel Lodge is a winner. We did kind of get annoyed by the group of golfers that came in late into the evening and pretty much did their best to entertain the entire restaurant with their loudness, but you’ll have that with a golf club I suppose. And one these days I would like to get there in time to appreciate the patio. So, future Steph, here’s your reminder next time you’re searching for a patio place and can’t remember any you wanted to visit. You’re welcome.