OK, so full disclosure here: we don’t want to say we may be biased on this review, but like when we come to a new restaurant for the very first time, open the menu and see this, I have to think someone is playing right into our hands.

I mean, come on.

But we’ll do our best.

Spicy Sombreros is new to the Akron area Mexican restaurant scene. It’s located in a strip plaza on one of the major roads in Stow, in the former location of the Tavern of Stow. We came here probably 7-8 years ago? It’s been a hot minute.

Judging from the very full parking lot when we pulled in, things seem to be going well so far.

The seating on the side of the restaurant near the kitchen is pretty close together. Like NYC “looks like you’re making friends with the strangers sitting next to you because you’re practically sitting on their laps” close. And they seated us next to a table with several small children. Apparently they don’t know us and our penchant to talk about unsavory topics with little regard to obscenities.

Fortunately they seemed to be almost finished when we sat down and left not long after we arrived. That may or may not be a coincidence.

Also, to further explain why I referenced the kitchen when talking about our seating, see exhibit A:

I mean, it certainly wouldn’t be obviously without the sign.

So back to that Wednesday Happy Hour statement … we discovered it’s actually only for the regular lime version. But that was still a bargain that Ted couldn’t pass up.

Shane and I were already caught up in the list of delicious sounding flavors by the time we heard this news, so we chucked the Happy Hour special and went with the spicy jalapeño and blackberry. Both of us had those as our top two choices so we figured we could sample.

The spicy jalapeño definitely had some kick. It was good, but you may also want to make sure you have a glass of water on standby as a chaser.

Blackberry was sweet, but not overly so.

Ted said his regular one definitely had alcohol, so there’s that. Thankfully he’s our driver.

Because a spicy drink wasn’t enough, Shane opted for the spicy burrito as his meal. We won’t talk about how maybe we all thought this wasn’t a good idea but also knew well enough that our saying so wouldn’t change anything.

Ted got the Polo Yucatan, which is basically chicken fajitas with a spring veggie mix instead of peppers and onions.

I got the burritos de fajitas with chicken.

I could only finish half of mine. I called it the never ending burrito because it seemed to keep regenerating as I was eating it.

Which, I mean, let’s be honest is not necessarily a bad thing. But you will need a box.

Well, the guys didn’t. But between the margarita and the burrito I think Shane’s mouth could’ve used a fire extinguisher.

Ted said his chicken was a little dry and flat. But otherwise it was a good meal. So if he would’ve made this it a vegetarian option he would’ve been surprisingly happy.

Hey, it’s Wednesday, why not have a second round of giant margaritas?

Shane opted for the pineapple this time, which he said had no flavor. Or maybe his taste buds had just been scorched away by that point? We may never know for sure, but let’s just say he was more of a fan of his first round.

Sadly, I was as well. On second round I got the octopus, which is sangria infused into a margarita.

Pro tip: don’t stir it. Because while it looks pretty in that photo, that crumbled after one swipe of the straw around the glass. But if you don’t stir it, you either get a mouthful of sangria OR lime margarita – not both. And that kind of defeats the purpose, no?

Ted was our clear winner of the hypothetical margarita lottery tonight, not only with his cheap first round but also with the favorite of all the drinks at our table for the evening – and of many of the servers. Behold, the cucumber watermelon.

What sounds like an odd combination was actually super refreshing and light. It was honestly the perfect summer drink. I think both Shane and I tried on more than one occasion to work out a trade deal, with no luck.

Overall, Spicy Sombreros is a good value for the money. At first glance the prices on the menu look a little steeper than normal Mexican restaurant prices – but the portions are good sized so you do get a lot for your money. And even outside of the happy hour special the drinks are large and there’s enough interesting flavors to keep you trying (even if we can already steer you toward the watermelon cucumber. Just trust us)

Picked by: Ted