Welcome to the place formerly known as Delaney’s!

Which – while it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been here – we also came here several times over the many years we’ve been doing this. So it makes perfect sense that Shane would have no recollection of the inside of the place after we sat down. Maybe it’s because we pulled a complete non-us and sat on the dining room side (have people not learned their lesson about seating us near children yet?) or maybe it’s just his *ahem* memory loss. We may never know.

Regardless, it hasn’t changed that much. Other than the name. And the menu. And the giant smoking area / patio on the front of the place.

OK so maybe there have been a few changes. But like inside actually IS the same. Sorry, Shane.

Pumpkin ale for me and Ted, and a giant IPA for Shane. I kid. He got his usual bud light.

At least the glasses are still big.

Shane and I got the fried pickles as an app.

Ted also ordered a myriad of apps and made them into a meal: wedding soup, a side of sweet potato jojos (which he got purely because he had never seen them listed anywhere else) and 12 of the Cajun wings.

Wednesdays are wing night – 60 cent wings – so of course the guys got those. Ted started out only ordering 12 of the Cajun wings, but then upped to 18 after Shane placed his order. Peer pressure in full effect.

After Shane ordered 24 wings he tried to add on an extra six of the honey habenero because he forgot seeing those on the menu and they sounded good.

But his wing math was all off – first he tried to order 20 wings because he apparently missed the “they come in a dozen or half dozen” line on the menu. So that didn’t work. And then once he ordered 12 of each – to stay with the rules – he was afraid adding six more would be “too much.”

Life is hard, folks.

So he instead got 12 of the Nashville dry (not to be confused with Nashville wet, which we all agreed just sounded gross) and then 12 of the garlic parm.

We’ll see how this works out.

I decided to build my own burger with Amish smoked cheddar cheese, bacon and mushrooms. The guys made a fun game out of trying to guess what condiments I would pick from the list on the menu.

They were close.

Speaking of the menu – I wasn’t going to get fries, but the fact that they have all kinds of dipping sauces listed swayed me. I got the chipotle ketchup … and upon trying it immediately wished I had also gotten a water.

At least I didn’t eat all of it because the fries were definitely not my favorite. Can we please stop battering potatoes before deep frying them? I don’t understand this phenomenon.

Shane does though, apparently, and so he finished off some of what I didn’t want.

Back to the ketchup. Ted tried it and said it was hotter than his honey habenero wings. Which, when asked, the server swore were really super hot. Just goes to show you that scale is all relative.

Now Shane’s Nashville dry wings? Probably about the same scale as the ketchup. That was unexpected. I feel like “Nashville” flavor is never the same in two places, so you either get something similar to RedHot with some sweetness, or you lose half your tongue’s taste buds. There’s no in between, and no way of knowing ahead of time.

It’s a fun game.

Let’s also note that both of the guys left with to-go boxes on this evening. Shane more so because he could no longer feel his tongue – and because his garlic parm wings came out first and he ate them all before diving into the Nashville dry, he opted to take some of those home perhaps to doctor up a bit in a lunch meal soon.

Ted took home five wings, which means that additional order of six was probably unnecessary. But again, another meal.

I could’ve taken a box for my fries, just to fit in – but didn’t want them so I just contributed them to Shane’s box.

Overall the new place doesn’t look a lot different in the inside, but the menu seems to have received some updates. There seem to be more selections and more updated/flavorful options to some old standards. Wise options.

I would definitely recommend the burgers. Mine was good sized – and while it was cooked a little more well than I would’ve liked, it was still very good. I was happy with my condiment selections also.

I could see us coming here again. I mean, sure we might lose a few taste buds to spicy foods – but at least the meal is enjoyable and the beers are big enough to dull the pain.

Picked by: Shane