Ted’s original pick this week was going to be the Silver Swan – which we have been trying to get to for actual food ever since we stopped in for drinks post Bailey Rd Tavern breakfast a few months ago – but then we heard that the owner passed away unexpectedly, and the restaurant is now supposedly closed until further notice. So sad, on many accounts.

So here we are at a taco and tequila bar. I mean, I guess that’s not at all a similar way to pay tribute?

But we aren’t just at any taco and tequila bar. No, this is one housed in a building that used to be a Pizza Hut, as Ted informed us after we sat down.

It looks … well, nothing like that now.

First evidence of this is evidenced the photo wall just inside the front of the restaurant with the saying “if you don’t like tacos, you nacho my type” in bright neon blue.

Ted was confused as to why a neon sign needed to be made saying that. I had to explain to Ted that’s called a photo op, and we marketers like these things.

See also, social media.


It’s close quarters seating wise, especially when you get seated at a middle row table between the booths as we were.

The drink list includes some yummy sounding margaritas. Berry mint? Yes please. Spicy jalapeños cilantro? Sounds great. Mango jalapeño. Yep, sign me up.

There is also a cucumber and fruit, which – if you were paying attention to our last Mexican restaurant adventure – you’d know this option is the way to go.

I was clearly not paying attention (seems odd, considering I take notes on these things specifically so that I can author this blog) so I ordered the mango Jalepeno.

It was tasty. Spicy but not enough to need a drink to chase your drink with. And it’s just pretty.

Of course we ordered chips and salsa – because, mind you, this is not the kind of place that just brings it over as soon as your butt hits the seat. Shane and I also got the queso dip add on. Because we love Ted enough to order a melted cheese app to share with him.

The chips were great. They were more like pita chips than traditional tortilla chips. Or as the guys commented, “very sturdy.”

Ted’s chicken fajitas arrived still on fire.

So you’re saying they’re made fresh then?

Shane got the bulldog burrito.

I got the specialty street tacos with steak. They had a more complicated name than that but I unfortunately didn’t pay enough attention. Sorry.

And got the servers thumbs up as “that’s my favorite” when I placed the order. Which immediately made Shane jealous. He hates when someone else gets the coveted approval of the server.

Ted liked his meal so much that he hardly touched his beer until he finished eating. Shane was very concerned with it getting too warm. Right before he ordered another for himself.

But even without washing it down with anything, Ted was very happy with his meal. He wasn’t sure if it was supposed to come with actual tortillas – because it didn’t – but he didn’t care because it was fine without. The chicken was well seasoned and he was glad there wasn’t an abundance of onions.

I asked Shane for a comment on his food and he just said it was “it was good.”

Ok then. Super helpful.

Later he elaborated and said it was like his usual fajita quesadilla … but in a burrito form. He was also happy it had a lot of queso.

Ted: I noticed that when you fake offered me a bite and was like “Eww.”

Shane: that’s exactly the opposite of what I was doing when I noticed it.

So we’ve established that Shane was super happy, and Ted should never, ever order that option on the menu. Got it.

My second round of margaritas I decided to switch it up with a different flavor. I’m not going to say that was a mistake … but I will say that the berry mint was not as good as my first option. Noted.

My tacos were good. I liked that you could add the onions/cilantro and salsa to your liking because they came on the side. I would probably order the salad next time instead of the cilantro rice – which was kind of unflavored and sticky – but the tacos themselves were good.

And don’t be fooled by the sizing – what looked like a minimal amount of food upon arrival was actually just enough.

Especially considering how uncomfortably full the guys were on the way home. Because … chips, salsa, queso AND meals.

Now we should mention that Casa Nuevo is a little on the pricey side – the margaritas alone are over $10 each – but we all agreed that it’s worth it. The service was spot on – our server was incredibly friendly and kind (and I’m not just saying that because so got the coveted “excellent choice” award on my meal option), was consistently checking our drinks and was quick in getting checks after we asked. We all agreed that we should definitely add this one to the return trip list.

Because – say it with me everyone – “if you don’t like tacos, you nacho my style.”

Someone be in charge of reminding me that we need to get a photo by that wall next time.