Man I was having issues trying to pick a place for tonight. I thought about doing a revisit to someplace we haven’t been for a while, but then decided this place was on my list from years ago (like pre-COVID) and we still have never gotten to it … so why not.

We get in the car and Ted says he doesn’t need directions because he’s been here like 10-15 times. Well OK then, somehow I missed that memo about his status as a regular here. But apparently he’s only been for lunch. So that’s different.

We pull into the lot and quite literally every car is backed into their parking spaces. Which is a very Ted move. So clearly we’re among his people here.

Here’s a fun game: when you walk in they tell you to wait to be seated, then ask you how many people are in your party … and then just say “OK, find a seat.” That seems to be an unnecessary interaction, no? I was half expecting the server to then come over and ask “Hey, do you want to order now? Yeah? Well then just go ahead and head to the kitchen and make it yourself then.”

That didn’t happen. But, I mean, I was slightly surprised.

Anyway, we grabbed a table in the bar area, where the server soon arrived and told us that the specials this evening were $5 Long Islands or margaritas. Or $3 Christmas beers. So something for everyone at this table then.

They also have the $1.50 mystery beer special, which Shane was legit disappointed he didn’t hear about u til he had already started in on Long Islands or else he would’ve gone that route. That’s like the Russian Roulette of drinking games, but hey you do you.

Speaking of fun games, Shane’s next move was to unknowingly involve our server in an enlightening game of “20 questions about how well you know the menu” with the server. But I’m happy to report she passed with flying colors, talking up the steak sandwich enough that both Shane and Ted ordered it.

Ted of course got his with no cheese, and waffle fries as a side.

Shane got Mac and cheese as his side, since he has been eyeing up the smoked Gouda Mac and cheese as his entree until the server talked up the steak sandwich so much.

It’s also wing night, which in this day and age means 5 wings for $5. Yikes. $1.00 a wing as a special? Are they fried in a vat of melted gold?

Word of warning: the salt and vinegar wings are not a dry rub, but rather the wings are dipped a sauce of vinegar and then rolled in coarse sea salt. Which earned a huge nope from Shane. This is when it pays to ask questions. He got the ranch dry rub instead.

Ted got five Cajun wings.

I got the mushroom and Swiss burger with fries.

We all thought our meals were just average. My complaint about my burger was that while it was done medium (as requested) on the inside but the outside was chargrilled – so it just tasted burnt. And the bun was grilled, too, which was just crispy overload to me. I mean, silly me, I actually enjoy being able to feel the roof of my mouth after a meal, so that means a soft bun and a non charred patty.

That sentence sounds a lot dirtier than I intended it to.

But since we’re walking that line, let’s just put it out there that Ted’s comment about his steak sandwich was that the meat was tender and not fatty, so he was getting good flavor on every bite.

I’ll stop now.

Shane said his biggest complaint was that the steak on the sandwich was thicker cut, so it was more difficult to bite into. He said every time he tried to take a bite he ended up with half the sandwich in his mouth at once.

They had trivia on Wednesdays, which we didn’t play but had fun trying to guess answers and made for a lively atmosphere in the bar area. Be warned that it is a small space, so once it got busy we definitely noticed some people kind of having to wander around a bit before they settled on a table location.

Overall, just OK on this visit. But I’m sure Ted will be back for lunch within the next week.

Picked by: Steph