Well folks, the unthinkable has happened. Shane decided he needed a break from burgers and wings for a little bit. Wait, what?!

So here we are at a Mexican restaurant. Where we will still order copious amounts of meat, just prepared in a different form. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Seems also half of Akron had the same idea for dinner this evening, as we waited a good 10 minutes in the very small and confusingly congested foyer just to to be recognized by a hostess.

Once we actually were able to walk further inside, we realized the place is surprisingly large. And it has an upstairs, which you really don’t expect considering it’s located in a strip plaza. Said upstairs is assumed to be a party room, given that is seems a group of Woo Girls had taken over the area for some sort of a celebration while we were there.

So that was fun.

Although Ted seemed to be on the Woo track himself, seeing as he immediately ordered a pitcher of regular margaritas like two minutes after we sat down. Apparently our time in the lobby gave him a chance to read that they were on special on Wednesday, and he wanted to take advantage of that.

The server asked how many glasses for the pitcher, to which we answered so we three … although honestly Ted kind of intended the pitcher just for himself. But he thought that telling the server “zero glasses, just a straw” might get us kicked out before we even placed an order.

Before we go any further, can we all agree this is a terrible font for a menu?

Yeah, great for wedding invitations but bad for menus that require you to actually read all of the ingredients for the various dishes.

Somehow we managed to figure out what we wanted, though. And with margaritas in our system no less. Go us.

I ordered the Tito’s Burritos, which are two burritos with steak tips and refried beans covered in cheese sauce.

Ted got the pork quesadillas.

Shane immediately asked if that was bacon on the top of his dish, and Ted was like “why do you think I ordered it?”

Valid argument.

Shane got his usual fajita quesadilla.

We also ordere a side of the chori queso dip – which is essentially melted cheese mixed with sausage – because we obviously like to torture Ted.

I usually don’t say these kinds of things, but I was not a fan of the cheese dip. It just tasted like grease to me. Shane loved it though, so that worked out well for him.

Hey look it’s 15 minutes in and we already have another pitcher of margaritas! It’s that kind of day folks.

Ted liked his fajitas. He said it was definitely unique (hello, bacon!) – and that while the meal wasn’t the best he’s ever had, because it was different that made up for it. He also pointed out that they didn’t go overboard on the onions, which is usually prevalent on most fajitas he’s had before.

Shane liked his meal. He said it was about the same as any other Mexican place we’ve gone to, but it didn’t suck so that counts for something. And, of course, the greasy cheese dip made his evening too.

My meal was good. The steak tips in the burrito had good flavor, and even without a side of rice or anything else the dinner was enough food to make me full but not overly so.

The service was a bit of a challenge at the start of the evening, but definitely got better over time. When our cheese dip was delivered without a refresh on chips, we said we would need to flag down our server to get more when we saw him again … but then he appeared with a fresh basket like he was reading our minds. He was also quick to bring the second pitcher of margaritas. So clearly he recognized our priorities.

The place definitely has some kinks to work out. The lobby/foyer/strange set of doors and a few feet of space by the cash register is small and very cramped, so it’s difficult to wait for a table or to pickup online orders without doing the “let me try to stay out of everyone’s way” mambo. And when the hostess was nonexistent for quite a while after we first arrived, it just added more people into this strange dance. I mean, I’m all for making new friends, but at least explain the rules of this speed friending exercise before we walk inside. Geez.

There’s also no real system as to whether you pay at the register on the way out or by giving the server payment at your table, which meant we got caught in another crowd just trying to leave the space. Good times.

But overall the food was good and they do turn tables over quickly, so I could see us coming back. Maybe next time we’ll bring our own Woo Party so we can see the upstairs.

Picked by: Shane