Ah Granger Road, how we’ve missed you. Glad to be reacquainted with the 75 turns to stay on the same road that takes us from our house to Medina. It’s definitely been a while.

Remember our last post from Herman’s in Brunswick, and the guy – John – who stopped by our table to recommend some other places to go in the area? Well, shout out to him, because he’s responsible for tonight’s pick.

From the number of cars in the parking lot we assumed The Foundry would be packed. And also, it’s the week before Christmas and peak holiday party season – and a place like this which is basically an updated Chuck E Cheese for adults – is a prime location for those kinds of holiday gatherings. But I think there’s just so many things happening inside of this one building that everyone was spread out enough.

Because we got seated right away. Well, after Ted gave his name, phone number and social security number to the hostess. I kid. But just about the social security number part.

I mean, am I wrong to think it seems odd that you have to give a whole bunch of info just to be seated right away? Like are they going to call him at the table to see how his dining experience is so far?


We got seated in the bar, which is a weird little triangular area tucked into a corner of the building near the front door. Unlike most other bar areas, this one seemed to be the least social area. It’s like sitting at the kids table watching everyone else have fun in the other part of the house.

Just from the brief sighting on the way in we noticed they had bowing, arcade games and go carts. I can honestly say we have never eaten anywhere that had moving cars or carts of any kind under the same roof, so this is a WTGW first.

Spoiler alert: for anyone wondering – as we were when we discussed this concept over our freshly ordered alcoholic beverages – you can’t drive the go karts if you’ve had more than two drinks. And they do check with the servers. So if you’re reading this post thinking it’s going to end with some drunken cart racing by our group, unfortunately you might want to just stop now.

Instead we’ll just focus on the drinking part of that whole concept. The theme for Shane and me on drinks was spicy. Shane got a spicy jalepeno blonde ale and I got the spicy mule.

Word of warning on the spicy mule: it’s very much appropriately named. I mean, it is made with a jalepeno infused tequila, so it’s not like you haven’t been warned … but that spice will definitely kick you in the back of the throat and linger for a while. The drink was good, don’t get me wrong. But beware.

On the other side of the spectrum, Ted went with a red ale that was supposed to be made of crumb cake, or something equally as sweet.

Ted and Shane both got the super smash burger, which Shane made a point to tell me is named “super” because of the bacon jam on it. OK.

Here’s a pic of one with cheese.

And one without.

If it’s a “super” because of the bacon jam, does taking the cheese off of it negate that then? Asking for a friend.

Ted also got the meatballs as an app. So basically he got a meat appetizer and then a meal of meat. Mmmmm.

But also, not surprised.

Ted said the meatballs were “a little odd.” They tasted like Italian meatballs but had a BBQ sauce over them. Which wouldn’t have been his first choice of a combination.

I got the triple casting burger, which is really a fancy name for the mushroom Swiss burger. And tots.

We also got the cheese curds as an app. Because clearly we like to torture cheese hating Ted.

My burger was good. You know we always take a chance when we aren’t asked how we want them cooked, but this time it worked out in our favor. Mine was slightly pink but not raw or overdone.

The guys liked the burgers. Well, Shane’s response was lukewarm. Unlike the bacon jam which was apparently very hot. And kind of an unusual sauce to put on a burger. But it added ans interesting flavor.

Now the guys were also at On Tap last week while I was working, and got smash burgers from that menu – so they may have been a little more enthusiastic about these ones if they hadn’t just had a similar entree a week ago.

Because, you know, it’s not like we order burgers almost every week or anything.

*insert eye roll emoji here*


But they did say several times that the bacon jam made these burgers – smash or super smash or whatever they are – stand out.

How many times can I say bacon jam in one post? Who’s keeping count?

While we didn’t walk the whole facility during our stay, a quick tour on the way out confirmed that there is for sure the indoor go kart track, plus duckpin bowling, shuffleboard, pool, arcade games and corn hole. And I’m sure there’s probably more that we didn’t even see. It’s like a cruise ship. Or Disney World for alcoholics.

I think we would go back. It’s a bit of a drive from our house – Ted said if it were closer he could see himself heading up there on a random night just to play some games if he was bored at home. But would be a lot of fun to get a group and head back there.

And honestly, if you haven’t gotten the gist yet from the review, we would probably go back more so for the activities and drinks than the food. I mean it wasn’t terrible. But let’s just say that wasn’t the part of our stay that left the biggest impression on us.

Picked by: Ted