So here we are in Brunswick, because after 10 years of doing this we have to push the boundaries of our 30-ish minute radius rule.

This is actually my third time driving down the backroads to this area in the past week, after Shane and I went to a birthday party down the street from Herman’s on Saturday night and then I attended a wedding shower in Valley City on Sunday.

I already told Shane if this place is good that I deserve half the credit because it was my fault we were driving this way for him to find it.

So here we are.

On first impression I would describe Herman’s as somewhere between a pool bar and a dive bar, but also with a dining area.

I’ll just let that sink in.

The menu has this weird thing going on with pointing out all the H’s on it.

Shane told us that’s because the name of the place starts with an H. This is why we keep bringing him along with us, folks. Brilliance.

The server reads off the beer list of what’s available on tap and it was like a Top 10 list of beers Ted would order. Spooky Tooth. Christmas Ale. Truth. He actually had to take a minute to decide which he wanted.

Christmas Ale for the win. Same for me. And … drum roll … Bud Lite for Shane. Shocking.

We asked the server our favorite trivia question: what are the best things on the menu? She immediately said the burgers were good, and very big. Same for the wings. And the gyros were a hit because they cut meat off the bone and make their own tzatziki sauce.

Bonus: as she’s saying this the guy from the table behind us got up to come over and vouch for the gyro, which he had just ordered. He warned us not to get extra meat because it was large just on its own.

I love when our ordering process becomes an affair the whole bar can get involved in.

Although those three things that the server mentioned there the exact same three things Shane was deciding between, so her recommendation that they were basically all good helped him not at all. He joked that he needed to just order one of everything. But decided against it.

He did get six of the ranch dry rub wings and the regular gyro. So two out of three. Who says we’re gluttonous?

I got the spicy chicken gyro, and subbed out the fries for tater tots. Are you surprised?

Now, before you think to yourself that those are the strangest looking tater tots you’ve ever seen … my sandwich arrived with fries instead of the subbed in side of tots. I mentioned that and the server went ahead and put in a separate order of tots for me.

Which was great and much appreciated … although I think it was honestly a blessing in disguise because the fries were actually better than the tots. I don’t say that often.

The spicy chicken gyro is the truest advertisement you have ever heard. It’s damn spicy. That may be the only adjective that makes it more truthful. The Cajun dry rub was combined with siracha … which all equates to my being really glad to have a glass of water nearby.

Ted got peorogis and regular old hot wings.

Shane took offense to the server calling them jumbo wings, be side they really weren’t very large. They looked like what you would get at a 10 cent wing night. Honestly Ted’s seemed bigger than Shane’s.

So. Many. Jokes.


Because we clearly hadn’t ordered enough food, Shane and I also got an order of the hot pepper cheese balls for an app.

They were delicious. We have gotten this same app at other places and this one easily took over the number one slot.

BTW, Shane and I both needed boxes. Mine was partially because my mouth was on fire and I wanted to have a chance to actually enjoy the rest of the meal. Aside from being full, that is. Meanwhile Shane left the most dense part of his sandwich to the end, and then wanted to enjoy it because it was so good. So he took it home for another meal.

Overall Herman’s is a good not-quite-dive bar but also not a fancy place happy medium. The patio looks nice – I mean it’s winter now so we didn’t visit it this trip, but it definitely seems worthy of another stop in the summer.

So remember the guy who came over to add his recommendation of the gyro? He and his wife stopped at our table as they were leaving to give us a little history on the place and to let us know that the owner of Hermans takes a lot of pride in his place. Apparently the owner used to own more of a biker bar and just got tired of the rougher clientele, so moved over here. And most of the servers and bartenders followed him. That says a lot.

And then this couple proceeded to give us more recommendations of places to visit nearby. So our next few picks will likely be courtesy of John and Vickie. Who may also make a special guest appearance when we go to them. And we may have to fight one another to decide who gets which ones.

Picked by: Shane